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Porcelain floor tiles are durable and versatile. If your floor can be thicker without causing problems, install a porcelain floor over the old asbestos. Porcelain floors are extremely versatile and durable, with tile sizes up to 24 inches available for a clean, modern look with fewer grout lines. These tiles are 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch thick, so. When you are dealing with asbestos, you can either remove it with an abatement or manage it in place. In many cases, installing a new floor over the tiles encapsulates the asbestos fibers, and is an acceptable way to manage the material. That said, it can be difficult to get a level surface for the new floor, especially if the old tiles have. Luxury vinyl over possible asbestos tiles We are looking to put Luxury Vinyl flooring in a few rooms in our home. Currently looking at using Lifeproof Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring going into a laundry/ utility room, living room/ den and 2 bathrooms getinthetrailer.com - Browse photos of installing vinyl plank flooring over asbestos tile with resolution 1000x750 pixel, filesize 0 KB (Photo ID #8165), you are viewing image #6 of 24 photos gallery. With over 50 thousands photos uploaded by local and international professionals, there's inspiration for you only at getinthetrailer.co Take out the tiles, prep the substrate and go from there. As for applying a self-leveling underlayment over the existing tile...you'd have to examine the bond of the tile to the slab to determine if it is likely that the tile will remain bonded. If most all of it is welded to the slab, then proper prep and priming of the tile would be necessary.

Installing Ceramic or Porcelain Tile over Asbestos Tile. This is trickier as you can't simply slap mortar down on top of old asbestos tile, put down the new tile, and expect a good result. It's not the asbestos that's the issue but instead the slick surface that will cause your tile job to fail The self-leveling concrete can be applied to various thicknesses and will dry as a smooth topcoat over the primed tiles. Once cured, the underlying tiles will be fully encapsulated and not at risk of crumbling with age. There is no danger for asbestos exposure now, unless the floor is drilled or cut into. Go right ahead and live in the space as. Asbestos minerals are microscopic-durable fibers that were added to vinyl tile flooring for its great durability and heat-resistant qualities. Asbestos is safe and legal to remain in homes or public buildings as long as the asbestos materials are in good condition and not tampered with LVT Flooring - Why I chose it. So a few months ago, I wrote a post on how I cleaned the nasty ceramic tile I inherited when I bought my 1980's fixer upper, and while my cleaning method was highly effective at whitening grout lines and removing years of filth from the crevices in the tile, I have always had major beef with ceramic tile. Not only do I think it appears cold, sterile and a bit. If the tiles were installed between 1960 and 1980, there's a slight chance they contain asbestos. The flooring tiles are 9-inch, 12-inch, or 18-inch squares. The most popular size was 9-inch by.

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  1. According to The Tile Doctor's website, asbestos tile cannot be removed by anyone who is not a professional. However, covering it with ceramic tile is legal. Installing ceramic tile over asbestos is possible with the proper preparation. Preparing the area is necessary to ensure the new floor covering bonds well
  2. LVT flooring may seem like an attractive option to a number of buyers who are unaware of these hazards, but the supposed pros have other caveats besides its toxicity. While luxury vinyl flooring relies on water resistance as its shining quality, its photographic layer will scratch, and that scratch cannot be buffed or sanded out
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PerfectPrimer, Specialty Solutions Manufacturing, Inc., 119 South 3d St New Hyde Park, NY 11040 USA Tel: 718 736 8477 Web: PerfectPrimer.com Email: info@perfectprimer.com. This sealant is marketed as safe for use over asbestos tiles, concrete, and mastics and is described by the company as an asbestos encapsulant Strategies for leaving asbestos-containing floor tiles or sheet flooring safely in place in a building: choosing an appropriate material to cover-up or coat the surface of a sound, well-adhered floor can protect against future damage or asbestos particle release in the building. This article series assists building buyers, owners or occupants in reducing the risk of asbestos exposure from. Local testing labs will test your vinyl tile for reasonable fees. To get an entire home tested for asbestos might cost in the hundreds of dollars. But to test an individual sample of vinyl tile, if mailed or dropped off at the facility, will cost between $50 and $100. For the lab to come to your house and take the sample, you can triple the price

Glue-strip planks: The least expensive vinyl plank option, these planks are held together by peel-and-stick strips.One of the best-known brands is TrafficMaster Allure. Luxury vinyl tiles: Constructed in layers, luxury vinyl tiles snap together like laminate planks and feature wood, stone and geometric patterns.; Waterproof vinyl planks: Similar to luxury vinyl tiles, these planks have a. Even with a UV inhibitor on the glass, over time the sun can damage the material. To add one more concern, be mindful of PVC-free LVT. By definition, LVT is PVC flooring. So PVC-free LVT can be. But when vinyl asbestos flooring is in good condition, it is considered nonfriable. That means it is safe to walk on but not safe to scrape, sand or use power tools on. In many cases, the best thing to do about vinyl asbestos flooring is put a new layer of flooring on top of it. You could also seal it with a coat of epoxy floor paint Asbestos has been used in vinyl wallpaper since the 1920s, and vinyl floor tiles and sheet flooring rose to prominence in the 1950s. The wondrous new no-wax flooring sold by companies such as Congoleum and Armstrong put a glossy sheen on post-war American prosperity

The floating approach is used in many scenarios where the flooring is being installed over an old adhesive left behind from an earlier flooring product — or anything involving residual asbestos. Today, floating flooring has found a place within the commercial industry — most notably in multi-family housing developments In a rec room in my basement I currently have a vinyl plank flooring over suspected asbestos tile on top of concrete. As the floor slopes to an old, covered, unused drain, I'm having someone install a floating floor to even out the floor to make it more user friendly. He is going to install wood strips across the floor on which to lay plywood -Sometimes floated LVT can be installed on top of the current flooring, depending on its type & condition. -It is an excellent choice for laying over asbestos tile, which can be dangerous to remove. Floating the LVT over asbestos encapsulates the tile keeping it safe from being distrubed

Luckily, luxury vinyl tile flooring is a stylish and durable solution that can be installed over your current tile, which will save you both time and money. LVT is not only low maintenance, but it's super easy to install, too That means that the layer of luxury vinyl under your tile floors can shift over time, leading to potential cracks in your grout. How's Your Subfloor? You've evaluated your existing flooring and it looks good without tears, cracks or buckled spots. It's new enough that it doesn't contain asbestos

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It only takes a single coat of PerfectPrimer to safely seal asbestos black mastic too. Once this coat has dried, workers can then apply the epoxy which can bond to PerfectPrimer flawlessly. If you prefer a different covering, you can paint over PerfectPrimer or even lay tile, vinyl, wood, carpeting or another type of flooring material That's why when we find asbestos flooring, it's better we cover it. So that no fibers are in the air. Unless the tile is broken or the floor is laminated, installing a carpet would be the best way.. How To Install Carpet Over Asbestos: 3 Simple Way Then 2-3 months later we had a slab plumbing leak and plumbers came in and ripped up wood flooring and the same vinyl tile - asbestos tile and drilled the concrete and made a huge mess I covered what I could with drop cloths etc but I am worried they could have spread asbestos fibers from the damaged tiles they took up all over the place Before you start, see if any tile is broken or damaged. Once you've removed lose or broken pieces, patch the empty sections with a liquid cement or mortar, letting it settle level with the tile floor. Next, if the tile's joints are deep, you'll want regrout them to bring them flush with the tile so that the lines won't telegraph.

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William on Aug 21, 2018. If the tiles are stiff and 9 square they definitely have asbestos. Pain, clear coat, or epoxy will not properly encapsulate them. They need to be covered with a solid product. The object is to prevent any fibers to release into the air How to Carpet Over Asbestos Floor Tiles. If you have asbestos floor tiles and have checked them for damage to find that they are in good condition and classified as non friable, it is possible to carpet over the top. One important thing to consider when covering asbestos tile - with any new surface - is the floor's new height Well, the short answer is, yes, you can tile over linoleum flooring. Before you start laying tiles over an old linoleum floor there are a few things that you need to know. How Old is the Linoleum? Sheet linoleum floors and tiles that were made before 1990 often contain asbestos, which is a known cancer-causing agent Luxury Vinyl Plank and Luxury Vinyl Tile Porous substrates When installing LVT and LVP over a porous substrate, the adhesive should be allowed to dry to the touch sufficient to prevent slippage. Loss of adhesion can result if the flooring is not installed within the working time of the adhesive

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The only time I'll put peel and stick tile over existing tile is to cover 9-inch tile, which is likely to contain asbestos. But when covering suspected asbestos, I really prefer some type of floating floor. That way, if something ever happens to the floor above the asbestos, I have more options 1. Check for 9 in (23 cm), 12 in (30 cm), or 18 in (46 cm) square tiles. The most popular size and shape of asbestos tiles when they were used as a popular building material were 9 in (23 cm) by 9 in (23 cm) squares. But 12 in (30 cm) and 18 in (46 cm) squares were commonly used as well 4. Luxury vinyl flooring installation should be one of the last items completed on the construction project. Limit foot traffic on the finished luxury vinyl plank/tile. Storage & Handling Handle and unload luxury vinyl flooring with care. Store in a dry place. Make sure to provide at least a 4 space (a dry palle Installing LVT and LVP on walls Preparation for installation Since its introduction in the market over 40 years ago, vinyl tile has been mainly used for floors. However, over the past five years, there appears to be a slow but growing trend within the design community for the use of luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) on walls

INSTALLATION GUIDELINES FOR LUXURY VINYL PLANK AND TILE 1. TEST BEFORE STARTING INSTALLATION Unless positively certain that the product is a non‐asbestos‐containing material, you INSTALLATIONS OVER EXISTING RESILIENT FLOORING MAY BE MORE SUSCEPTIBLE TO INDENTATION. Quarry Tile, Terrazzo, Ceramic Tile, Poured Floors (Epoxy, Polymeric. fibers and/or crystalline silica. Avoid creating dust. Inhalation of asbestos or crystalline dust is a cancer and respiratory track hazard. Smoking by individuals exposed to asbestos fibers greatly increases the risk of seriously bodily harm. Unless positively installed product is a non-asbestos containing material, you must presume it contain

LVT can be installed directly over concrete, but the concrete must be at least six weeks old, proven to be dry, and free of powder and flaking. It also needs to be free of solvent, wax, grease, oil, paint and any other sealing compounds. Large cracks and expansion joints should be filled and troweled smooth Likewise, people ask, can you pour concrete over asbestos tile? Using concrete to encapsulate asbestos tiles starts by having a clean, well-washed floor surface. The self-leveling concrete can be applied to various thicknesses and will dry as a smooth topcoat over the primed tiles.Once cured, the underlying tiles will be fully encapsulated and not at risk of crumbling with age Flooring installation is all about preparation. Get the facts on how to make things perfect.#justdoityourself #lovingit #perfecteverytime Subscribe NOW and.. San Simeon can be installed over most substrates, including asbestos tile & existing sheet vinyl. However, do not install over existing carpet tile adhesive & residual floor covering, carpet, carpet pad, hardwood, both solid or engineered, existing floating floor, sleeper systems & cushioned back sheet vinyl

Whether or not a person should ever set thinset and tile to the glue left behind when non-asbestos vinyl tile was removed depends on the type of glue left behind. Physically removing all coatings is the most reliable way to make sure you have an appropriate surface to which to bond tile but the old asphaltic (black) adhesives (often called cut. Do not install tile over existing tile that is installed below grade. WARNING: Do not sand, dry sweep, dry scrape, drill, saw, beadblast or mechanically chip or pulverize existing resilient flooring, backing, lining felt or asphaltic cutback adhesive. These products may contain asbestos fibers or crystalline silica. Avoid creating dust Prepping a linoleum floor before laying peel-and-stick tiles, luxury vinyl tiles, ceramic, stone or sheet vinyl is a critical step. Inspect the floor for dents, ripples, peeling corners or old.

Yes, very. Luxury vinyl tile is built to endure the busiest homes. All of our LVT flooring at Armstrong Flooring is scratch, stain and wear resistant, and 100% waterproof. Many of our LVT flooring products have a lifetime warranty, and we also offer products with 30-year and 15-year warranties How to Install Vinyl Floors Over Linoleum. If you can't remove your old linoleum floors due to asbestos or other problems, consider laying a new tile right on top. If the linoleum is in good shape. With luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring options, vinyl doesn't just perform well, it can offer the same characteristics as real stone, tile or wood. There are several vinyl flooring installation types to choose from including peel-and-stick floor tile, interlocking floor tile and self-adhesive floor tile (also known as self-stick vinyl tile) Mannington Vinyl tile question - Has anyone used Mannington Adura luxury vinyl tile (16 inch squares that are glued down and grouted)? I'm looking at the Athena line. Photo attached. Wondering how it holds up long term for kitchen, entryway, dining room? How easy to keep clean? Thanks for any info Morgan on Dec 20, 2017. Yes. Asbestos becomes dangerous when it's disturbed through chipping, cutting, breaking which sets the fibers in the air and any removal should be handled only by a certified asbestos abatement team. But the good news is that if you don't disturb it, you can paint, tile, install laminate or carpet over it

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asbestos fibers greatly increases the risk of serious bodily harm. Unless positively certain that the existing in-place product is a non asbestos-containing material, you must presume it contains asbestos. Regulations may require that the material be tested to determine asbestos content and may govern removal and disposal of material. See curren Fill cracks; saw cuts and control joints and level uneven areas that exceed 1/16 in 3'. Do not install flooring over expansion joints. Existing Flooring. Premium Glueless LVT planks can be installed over a variety of finished floors including single layer resilient sheet floor and tile, ceramic, marble and terrazzo

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In 1952 Rieber & Sons and Tarkett, founded Rikett TM in Bergen, Norway to manufacture quartz flooring. Rikett Quartz Tile, (RQT), was invented as an alternative to homogeneous tiles using asbestos and carbonites. During the 1950's, an enlightened environmental vision enabled Rikett to eliminate the harmful chemical asbestos and replace it with Quartz, an innocuous and abundant natural mineral Lvt flooring over tile. At 8mm thick the manufacturer explicitly labeled the tiles suitable for application over existing tile flooring. Luxury vinyl tile lvt is the fastest growing type of flooring worldwide. We didnt want to rip our tile up or pour a subfloor over it so we just went ahead and laid the vinyl plank wood flooring over the. Vinyl composition tile (VCT) is a finished flooring material used primarily in commercial and institutional applications. Modern vinyl floor tiles and sheet flooring and versions of those products sold since the early 1980s are composed of colored polyvinyl chloride (PVC) chips formed into solid sheets of varying thicknesses (1/8 is most common) by heat and pressure Only Interface's 4.5mm LVT may be installed over RAF. There are very specific guidelines for installing LVT over RAF. When LVT is installed over RAF, some degree of panel telegraphing may be visible. To minimize this, the panels need to be flat and level with a maximum gap between panels of no more than 1 mm Options for dealing with asbestos-containing flooring are removing it or installing new flooring over it. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) recommends using a licensed asbestos contractor to remove asbestos-containing flooring. However, a homeowner can remove the asbestos-containing flooring safely following the instruction on this web page

Removing a 10-foot section of asbestos floor tiles can cost between £240-£440. Some companies have a minimum fee of £1,100-£1,900, no however small the job is. A complete removal in a 1,100 square foot house with asbestos in every room--walls, floors, ceilings, attic, roof, floors--can be as high as £15,000-£25,000 Luxury vinyl floors can achieve the look of natural stone, wood grain, slate, or tile, and go places where real wood and ceramic tile can't. There's something for everyone right here in our showroom. Perhaps best of all, we carry a selection of resilient flooring that fits any budget while offering durability and low maintenance When installed protect all Armstrong Flooring Luxury Vinyl Planks/Tiles floor from heavy rolling loads, other trades and appliances by using sheets of plywood or MDF. When replacing appliances, or whenever moving heavy furniture over the flooring, place a wood panel under the object. Without moving the panel, slide or roll the object over it July 17, 2021. By admin. Filed Under Vinyl Flooring. Concrete suloor preparation for the vinyl floor installation how to diy mryoucandoityourself you install plank flooring on step by guide slab base easy ways laminate techie tips installing over floors can should an uneven ready all about ultimate aa lay lvt directly slabs home inspection. In response to your question, we have installed many floors over existing asbestos tiles. The typical method that we use is do not disturb the floor at all. With this in mind carefully apply Henry Unipro universal patch and skim coat. If this product if troweled properly will create a very stable all very level surface

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2017 Aladdin Commerical Page 3 / 8 pH - Concrete floors must be tested per the latest edition of ASTM F 710. • pH reading must not exceed 10.0. • Readings below 7.0 and in excess of 10.0 affect resilient flooring and adhesives. • Rinsing the surface with clear water is the best way to lower alkalinity. DAMP MOP RECOMMENDED. Note: It may not be the floor covering installer's. Installing this luxury vinyl tile over radiant heat is easy, and the realistic textures and precision-trimmed finish result in a super tight fit. There is a design, pattern, or color to suit any color scheme, and it is also simple to clean by using a vacuum or damp mop. It's made from 100 percent recycled material and is suited for commercial. But if you start to go over the tile and the tile behind it starts to disintegrate, then you're actually releasing the asbestos, which is bad. TOM: Yeah. Plus, if you ever have to repair that or you have to replace the new siding that you put on, you have a million busted pieces of asbestos tile from all the nails going through You could also cover the tiles with new vinyl flooring, linoleum, or even ceramic tiles. However, as a favor to future owners of your house, make some note of the fact that asbestos tiles are under the new flooring. That way, no one will be endangered years from now when they start to rip up the new flooring and find asbestos tiles beneath Basically, asbestos is harmful when it's airborne, but if you want to install hardwood floor over the asbestos tile then it is the easiest way to avoid disturbing any dangerous particles. When you drill the asbestos tile then this can create dust but once your backer is installed then you can begin setting your new tile

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The technology for LVT has become so good that people often mistake luxury vinyl plank flooring for laminate. When you choose LVT, you'll enjoy more luxury vinyl tile benefits than with laminate. One of the biggest pluses to vinyl is that many options are either moisture-resistant or 100% fully waterproof. Unlike laminate that isn't. 2. Laminate Flooring. Laminate flooring replicates the look of solid hardwood flooring or tile flooring without the expense. It also does a great job over radiant heat. The laminate material is built up with layers of wood that run in opposite directions. This creates a more stable material than solid hardwood

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Question: We believe that the installation of this barrier film over asbestos-containing flooring, followed by the installation of a new flooring system on top, does not fall under any of the requirements of Class I through Class IV asbestos operations under 29 CFR 1926.1101, since no asbestos-containing materials are disturbed. Therefore. As an indication of costs builderscrack.co.nz estimates that a 130m2 single story house will costs between $11,100 - $18,200 to remove an asbestos roof. So we have developed a way where we can install a new roof over your existing roof. Protecting your home from the weather, improving the appearance and keeping the asbestos contained in a way. The tiles toward the top of this photo are 9-inch tiles. You have to assume they are asbestos tile. The tiles toward the bottom are newer, 12-inch tiles. They are much less likely to contain asbestos. The only way to know for certain if a floor tile contains asbestos is to have it tested

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Preventing Problems with LVT/LVP Flooring, Gaps and Buckling. Photo 1: Floating click LVT/LVP allows for more expansion/contraction due to no restriction of movement, which means there is more potential for end joint gaps. Photo 2: If the product requires a certain notched trowel, make sure to use it to maintain the proper thickness of. Asbestos was used as a 'binder' in almost all resilient flooring (this includes vinyl, linoleum, asphalt, and even the mastic in which some ceramic tiles are set) until about 1985. Because it is embedded into the substance, the mere presence of material containing asbestos is not necessarily a threat to you

In this article looking at luxury vinyl tile (LVT) as an alternative to traditional flooring, we consider the benefits of LVT over sheet vinyl. Amtico's industry leading LVT is designed and manufactured at our Coventry factory to provide the performance characteristics and design aesthetics demanded from commercial projects Ideally you'd want to test for lead/asbestos in any pre-1978 structure and abate if it tested positive (hot). This can be very expensive, though. I believe that as long as you don't disturb the existing material, you should be ok. The problem wi.. Asbestos is a fibrous natural mineral once used in a variety of building materials. It is known to cause lung cancer and respiratory diseases. MassDEP regulates abatement, construction and demolition projects that involve asbestos. MassDEP interim procedures for requesting asbestos emergency waivers. Step 3 - Date the Tiles. Another time period asbestos floors were popular was between the years of 1920 and 1960. The flooring during this period was usually made in nine-inch squares and is quite a bit thicker than most of the modern vinyl tiles. Keep in mind the mastic used as an adhesive for these older tiles might also contain some asbestos

Options for dealing with asbestos-containing flooring are removing it or installing new flooring over it. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) recommends using a licensed asbestos contractor to remove asbestos-containing flooring. However, a homeowner can remove the asbestos-containing flooring safely following the instruction on this web page Asbestos is a natural substance. You'll get a spadeful of it if you turn over the soil in suburban DC -- naturally occurring. Get hysterical about the communists, or the negroes or jews, or the schoolteachers, or the Chechens. But not asbestos. Asbestos is warm and fuzzy and prevents fires. Basil is another naturally occurring substance These are luxury vinyl flooring and ceramic tile flooring. Despite what you might think, vinyl flooring has been gaining popularity over ceramic tile. Many people who have ceramic tiles are considering replacing them with luxury vinyl flooring. Therefore, these people wonder if vinyl flooring can be installed over ceramic tile flooring Shop TileBar for the largest selection of mosaics and tiles for any wall or floor or entire project. From backsplash and kitchen tile to bathroom and pool tile, with fast, low-cost shipping and 365 day returns

Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) Sealed Porcelain Tile; Best Way to Cover Asbestos Tile in Basement. The best way to cover asbestos tile is to encapsulate it before laying down any other flooring. To avoid serious health hazards, always hire a nearby asbestos remediation pro. Basement Flooring to Avoid or Use Cautiousl that the entire type of sheet vinyl flooring is asbestos, it may not be necessary to test all the samples. If a sample contains more than 1% asbestos, the asbestos regulations apply. 19 2. CLEANING UP (CONT.) Wet and remove debris from heat ducts. Wet any debris collected on plastic taped inside the open floo Luxury vinyl flooring can be cut to fit unique room shapes or around sinks and cabinets. Our patented, tongue-and-groove system makes for adhesive-free installation. Clean & Comfortable. Luxury vinyl flooring is soft underfoot, easy to clean, and water resistant, making it a great choice for kitchens and areas that see a lot of action Benefits of Using Epoxy Over Asbestos Tile. If your asbestos tile is a good candidate for encapsulation, epoxy can be a good material to use. First of all, epoxy doesn't allow any air through, so it ensures complete encapsulation. This can present an issue in a basement or other space with moisture issues, so consult with a professional first LVT meanwhile is priced generally from $2-$5 per square foot including the cost of installation for commercial products. The minimal maintenance and upkeep LVT requires over time means you'll pay more at first, but will undoubtedly spend less in the long run. VCT. Lower upfront costs

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Resilient Commercial Flooring . A coordinated and innovative system of rubber, vinyl, LVT, composition tile and linoleum. All linked together in performance and aesthetic to create high performance environments and to deliver measurable return on investment in a sustainable way Asbestos Program, and the tile/mastic remain non-friable during the removal process. This means that each piece of floor tile must be removed in one piece with minimal breakage. Allowable minimal breakage means that some corners may become separated from the main part of the tile, and an occasional tile may be broken in half. Mastic must be. Apply adhesive to 1/2 of the area at a time so you can start the installation along the center starting line. Begin laying planks along the center starting line and install row by row including the cut pieces at the perimeter until 1/2 of the installation is complete. Stagger the end joints by at least 6 (15.24 cm) Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation Guidelines 4. Surface Flatness for all Subfloors: The surface shall be flat to 3/16 (3.9mm) in 10 ft. (3050 mm) and 1/32 (0.8 mm) in 1 ft (305 mm) To check flatness, place a 10 ft straight edge, string, laser level or use another suitable method on the surface and measure the gap. 5. Concrete Subfloors: a

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Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) is an affordable waterproof floor that looks like hardwood. It usually has an attached cork backing for some extra cushioning and insulation. Engineered Vinyl Plank (EVP) is the most popular type and this is a clickable floating floor which means it can be installed on top of concrete or tile Armstrong Flooring offers luxury vinyl tile, engineered tile, vinyl sheet and vinyl tile with the most popular stone visuals. Options differ depending on the type of flooring, and include: Slate - Monochromatic gray isn't the only color of slate. Just like in nature, slate comes in a blend of rich colors, including gold, amber and gray-green While LVT is perhaps the lowest maintenance flooring option, it is not a no-maintenance flooring option. Just make sure not to allow spills to linger. There is no need for high-speed buffing as with vinyl composite tile—luxury vinyl flooring typically requires basic cleaning methods like sweeping and mopping Subject: Re:I need help finding a carpet installer who will install over asbestos tile. Anonymous. Anonymous wrote: Glued tack strips will come up again when the installers stretch the carpet tight. OP here. There are existing nailed down tack strips. Glued would only be necessary if additional strips were necessary If you are installing directly over a subfloor, then you will need to install a moisture barrier first. Underlayment is optional in all situations but does allow for more cushion and noise absorption. How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring. Before I start, it's important to know that I was dealing with 4mm thick luxury vinyl plank (LVT) flooring. Premium Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation Instructions for MSI's Everlife 2MM and 2.5MM glue-down products General Information It is important that MSI's Everlife glue-down flooring products maintain proper temperature before, during, and after installation in order to minimize dimensional changes