Scraping noise when turning right at low speed

4,741 Posts. #3 · Jun 24, 2013. mjkeeler said: I have a scraping/grinding noise coming from the front of my 04 Accord but only when turning right. I get the scrape noise about once per revolution of the tires (turning at a lower speed makes the noises further apart and turning at a higher speed makes them closer together) Recently I noticed a sort of scraping sound coming from the area of the rear wheel, only audible at low speed when turning right. I figured it was most likely a brake pad dragging, so I swapped those out for new ones. The noise has persisted. Any thoughts on what else it could be scraping/dragging noise when low speed turn occurs. driving straight at low or high speed. nothing is loose or broken. checked wheels/tires and there's a slight amt. of end play (side to side) and no up/down play. i poked/prodded everything. steering stops at the lower left/right steering components, near the tire When the power steering fluid is low there is a moaning/grinding noise that is heard when turning the steering wheel. This noise comes from air bubbles in the power steering fluid. As the fluid moves through the system, the bubbles move and cause a noise Very hard to replicate or accurately describe but on occasional slow speed turns or start from a dead stop there is a noise like pot metal rubbing or grinding near the brake/axel. It almost sounds like a piece of sheet or metal rubbing or something grinding against it

At low speeds, ideally while turning in a parking garage or coming out of a restaurant parking or turning in a cul de sac, and only while taking a right, there is a metal on metal grinding sound. I.. Have any of you other 6-speed owners out there experienced a problem with grinding noises at low speed while turning? When I turn left/right in first gear, especially when travelling up hill, I get a grinding noise. It sounds like gears meshing - like someone miked the gearbox and is amplifying it through a PA system

Scraping/Grinding noise while turning right

Okay driving my OB at first I noticed a grinding noise between low speed and braking from the driver side. Doing a quick google search people with their OB's had to take off the wheel and clean any dirt or rock from the dust shield because sometimes rocks can find their way up into brakes. With that being said I jacked the vehicle up and looked. Today I noticed a strange noise when I was in a car park turning. Basically there is a vibrating/rubbing (almost like the handbrake has been left on) sound coming form the rear of the car when turning. The noise doesn't appear to be there when going in a straight line or at speed. I have jacked both sides up at the rear and wiggled the wheel.

Noise from right rear wheel area when turning right at lo

  1. One of the most common complaints people always do who drive cars is that they always listen to squeaking, grinding, and scraping sounds. That may lead to vibration when braking their cars, especially brake noise at low speed. So in this article, we're going to learn the braking system and how brakes work
  2. g from the driver side. It sounded like a dust shield rubbing on an uneven brake rotor. The..
  3. iowadude41 said: When she turns at very low speed either left or right like into a parking spot, there's this really bad grinding/binding/shaking noise, and it feels like the car wants to stall, but once you straighten the steering wheel back out it goes away. The issue only occurs when turning full lock at very slow speed
  4. Over the past couple months I have been hearing a low rubbing/grinding noise in my truck whenever I am turning at very low speeds. Usually it is when I am going through parking lots or turning through drive ways. I can also feel it slightly in the steering column. I took it into a mechanic who told me not to worry about it until it gets too bad, which was not the answer I would have liked. But.
  5. At very low speeds, any noise points towards the power steering and suspension. The sounds are often popping, or creaking. Suspensions will wear out often because they shoulder the burden of carrying the weight of the vehicle. Your car's suspension can endure impacts from road bumps and rough terrains
  6. When do a sharp right turn (Locked or close to full lock) I hear a slight scratching/grinding noise from what I think is probably the front right wheel. The closest sound that I am familiar with is the sound I get when the brake disks are rusted or the time I had a small stone between the break pads and the disk
  7. I had something similar happen to my Fiesta, though it was more of a metal-on-metal scraping sound, like the front brake caliper was rubbing against the wheel, or the sound a disc brake would make without any brake pads. Both times the sound was heard at low speed only. It has happened twice so far, usually when making a sharp turn

scraping/dragging noise when low speed turn occurs - The

My Car Makes a Grinding Noise When Turning Alexander's

Strange 'rubbing'/grinding noise on slow speed turn

Right front scraping noise at low speed. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts. N. naterice · Registered. Joined Nov 9, 2006 · 6 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 21, 2007. When I pull away from a stop up to about 5-10mph, I hear a scraping/squeaking noise that sound like the right front side.. Grinding noise while turning right at low speed. [Insignia] [08-17] Jump to Latest Follow (245-35-20) and since they have been fitted I have noticed a grinding noise while turning right. They also checked the tracking which was fine. I was turning the car around when I realised it and noticed it ever since When i go fast in tight right turns i can hear a grinding noise from the front left tyre/brake rotor/suspension. The noise frequency depends on the speed of the car, so more speed -> higher frequency. I cannot hear any noise in straight and in fast wide corners even if taken at high speed or in extreme tight turns at slow speed 05 EX-L makes a scraping noise as the wheel rotates during a sharp right turn, like when pulling into a parking space. The scrape sound seems to match the speed of the rotating wheel. It sounds like the scraping comes from the driver's side front wheel. I have been doing some..

2006 Mazda3, 2.3, 138K miles, pampered from day 1. If I haven't driven my car in half a day and pull out of my garage, make a right turn and accelerate, GRRRRRRRR is what I hear from the front while accelerating. After a few minutes of driving - no more noise during accelerated right turns. This noise does NOT occur on left turns ever I was also having this feeling when turning the car to the right or left, especially after pulling out of a parking spot, or even (very seldom on this one) giving some gas at a green light. It felt like the ABS would kick in. And there was almost a grinding noise from the front driver side Challenger SRT Hellcat. Joined May 17, 2017. ·. 540 Posts. #2 · Jun 20, 2017. Couldn't hear it in your vid, but it might just be my iPad. I have a slight groaning-type noise coming from the back of mine at very low speeds when turning sharply, like into my driveway. Figured it was just the LSD 2009 - 2014 Ford F150 - Occasional grinding noise during low speed acceleration - Just bought 2010 Screw Lariat 4x4 with 78k last week. Test drove the truck for two hours and it had no issues. However, on three occasions now, when traveling at very low speeds and slight turn of wheel, I have heard grinding noise from.. Now the noise is a bit more silent, but I can still hear it when I go downhill with the car at slow speed, especially at slow speed and turning. It feels like when going downhill some parts are pushed to each other which makes that grinding strange noise. When I am going uphill no noise or issue

Michael Heath-Caldwell M

10 Grinding Noise Types When Turning Types of grinding noise when turning. Source: CNBC 1. Sounds like wind whistling. When you start the car and hear the sound of the wind blowing from the engine, it is possible that the engine's cooling system or the vacuum tube of the engine is leaking Moving and stop, as long as I turn right there is a noise. Could be the right spring getting compress? I just check just now, I also notice that my power steering reservoir seems to be leaking, I am not 100% sure because the fluid is full (overfull). And I think the power assist motor is making a noise every time I turn. I think I know that is. Okay, so I'm not sure if anyone might have any ideas, but I've noticed a sort of grinding noise when I turn the wheel. I notice it at low speeds (too much road noise otherwise). There are no shimmies or anything like that. I don't notice any droning at higher speeds. It seems like if I'm driving around at parking lot speeds and turn further away from center, I heard a metallic, grinding sort.

Sign of a bad strut (metal grinding while turning at low

  1. Hello all. I have a 2015 250 short base that I've had grinding noise when turning and more pronounced when turning left. Typically low speed turning like parking lots. When I took it to the dealership a year ago, they ground the rotors and noise went away, but it came back and never went back to..
  2. I just got a new 2020 sxt about 4 months ago and I didn't notice this grinding noise until recently. I have an issue with low speeds (1-10mph) when completely turning left. This happens when I exit the driveway or take a U-turn from a stop. It sounds like there is something rubbing up against one of the front tires
  3. g more from underneath the gear shift toward the front a bit. Starts grinding at takeoff and goes away at approx 15-20 mph. Transmission seems to be shifting smoothly, that is what I thought it was at first and may still be. Father thinks it may be some kind of bearing in the drivetrain
  4. g noises at low speeds because of some fuel efficiency tweaks Nissan did to get the mileage up. You would be referring to the the torque converter and CVT program
  5. g from the front when turning the steering wheel at slow speeds. I have 2006 sols with 27k miles on it now when ever i'm backing out of the driveway or or driving slowly like in a parking lot I hear this grind co

6 Speed Grinding Noise at Low Speed While Turning Chevy

  1. ed that the right front brake shield was rubbing the rotor and adjusted it
  2. If you hear grinding brake noise, scraping brake noise, or clunking you should get your brakes inspected right away. 10. Crunching Noise At Low Speeds. If your car is making a clicking noise when turning, there's a good chance it's safety related. Steering and axle issues can leave you stranded or cause an accident
  3. 0. Nov 21, 2017. #1. Hi, i have an 2013 XFR-S with 45K miles on and when driving low speeds whilst turning, nearly full lock, i can hear a grinding/juddering noise. Its even worse in the wet. A couple of year back i had insigna VXR which also had this issue and it turned out to the rear diff/haldex unit

Grinding Noise Low speeds/While turning Left Subaru

  1. For the last eight months at least I have been having a very intermittent grinding noise and vibration through the steering when turning left ONLY. It is now happening on a very regular basis so I would like to get it fixed! I have an 02 CC which two months ago received the following: -Two new CV shafts. -All new upper/lower ball joints
  2. 2007 OB 55k, just bought used a couple of months ago from dealer. Brand new front pads, rear at 50%. Once it's warmed up, braking, there is a scraping or grating noise from the right front only at low speeds with light pedal. It sounds like a warped rotor since its not a constant sound but..
  3. e when car jacked up on a ramp, and looking up at top of spring. The top coil had snapped and was chaffing against lower coil, Hardly any difference in ride height. It sometimes made a creaking / groaning noise in car.
  4. utes of driving at higher speeds, even when I drop down to 25 or less, where I'd normally hear the sound. But if the car sits long enough to cool, the noise is back. Also, when I'm going in reverse, there's no noise except if I turn the wheels sharply, like when parking
  5. The sound was most noticeable when just starting to move from a stop. It would then be less loud at speeds higher than 30kph. It sounded like metal scraping, spinning around the wheel, like a penny being spun around a jar. Later that night I jacked the car up and spun the tire around to try to locate where the noise was originating from
  6. Noise is intermittent, I drive below 35 mph and will come on off, but it usually stays on for about 10-20 seconds, I switched to 4(A) and noise goes away, turn back to 2wd and noise comes back. I lifted the front of the expy and I have no lateral play in my wheels

2003 trailblazer Grinding noise from front end. Noise is loudest at low speeds and when turning right. Wheel Bearing does not have any play in it when I shake the tire top or side when jacked. I do see grease oozing out near clamp on inner CV joint, but noise is grinding not clankin The squeak is when rolling at low speed and brake pedal not depressed.(Slow like rolling forward in a line of traffic waiting to turn)It pretty much stops once I take off. It does make the groaning noise when driving in a circle and I believe it is from the rear. I would consider it a rotational noise

Joined Oct 3, 2015. ·. 6,931 Posts. #2 · 7 mo ago. UffdahMN said: My 2007 Jeep Commander makes a grinding noise when turning at low speeds (into or out of a parking space or around a corner), it doesn't do it every time, but starts after driving for awhile. Any ideas on what it might be The speed at which rubbing and other noises are produced can also help you detect which car part is broken or worn out. If you hear rubbing, whining, or creaking noises while you are driving at a low speed, it is highly likely that suspension joints are not working properly A bad power steering rack will limit the supply of fluid and cause grinding noise when turning. The type of noise is common when turning the car around the corner at a low speed. Involve a car mechanic to help resolve the issue since the grinding and whining noise are irritating. Worn-out Shocks. Shocks are crucial components in a vehicle Almost sounds like the brake is slightly engaged on the right wheel. if Im driving straight no noise but turn the wheel either way at low speeds and there is a grind, or rubbing sound. the driving is fine, no alignment issues. no engine issues. and after Im going 10 miles an hour it goes away. its going back to nissan after it gets out of body.

Strange noise from the rear at low speed when turning

However, for some reason, there's now noises at very low speeds, with the following observations: When I first start driving after not driving for 8+ hours, no issues, no noises at low speeds or any speeds. The more I drive, the more frequent the squeaking / grinding noise at low speeds (typically from 0.1 mph to 15 or 20 mph or so) Power steering system or the suspension is the reason for creating noise at low-speed turning. (photo source: Getty Images) If the car makes noise when turning at low speeds, look into the power steering system or the suspension. If you hear creaking, popping, or clunking sounds, the possible culprits are broken or worn out suspension joints 1. Grinding Noise When Brakes Are Applied. Hearing a grinding noise when you apply your brakes is really like hitting a rumble strip on the edge of the highway; if you hear this, you need to wake up and stop driving! A grinding noise on braking is usually caused by a lack of brake pad material; the pads and rotors are now metal to metal, with no braking material left

When making low speed left hand turn service stabilitrack and service abs warnings come on, steering is difficult and a grinding noise is heard. Grinding stops when steering wheel straightened then turn can be made after speed is built up. See all problems of the 2013 Chevrolet Impala Basically When turning at low speeds such as pulling into a driveway or parking spot , the front end shudders and vibrates and now has gotten to the point of vibrating through the whole car (feels like the rear is vibrating too). I think this all started happening right around the time my dad put new tires on it Grinding Noise problem of the 1999 Toyota Camry 3. Failure Date: 09/15/1999. Vibration and grinding sound thorugh steerting column particularly when tight turning right; sporadic sound of a sprung rubber band through steering column; on 4 or 5 occasions steering wheel momentarily bound up (did not unwind) took minimal pressure to return.

Low Tire Pressure. Low tire pressure can also cause a clicking sound when turning the steering wheel left or right when stationary. Low tire pressure causes an imbalance in the car weight distribution. Therefore the steering system experiences discomfort when attempting to shift the tire direction causing extreme tension that brings about noises My mechanic said it was a carrier bearing that was making the noise I was hearing at low speed. The pinion bearings were replaced as well since the seal was leaking. So now all is almost well, except when I make a right hand turn with my foot off the throttle. It sounds like a gear mesh issue to me Jan 6, 2019. #1. For about the last week my AWD Model 3 has sometimes made a popping noise when turning sharply or going over speed bumps. It doesn't always happen but more often then not it will. It also happens more often when turning while going up or down an incline (like in a parking garage) So ive noticed since i bought the car a month ago,(About a week of that month its been in the shop..Belt, Tensioner and a Gasket around dip stick to step squeaking, also 3 recalls) Id say about 5-6 times now ive heard this scraping sound when turning at very low speeds like almost at idle

Joined Sep 21, 2008. ·. 70 Posts. #6 · Jan 10, 2011. It could be your wheel bearings. When i got into an accident, my rear driver-side rim got hit, and it kept making a screeching sound from time to time until I got the car repaired. The body shop ended up replacing my wheel bearing, and the noise disappeared I noticed this noise coming from my girl's 97 Eclipse about 2 months ago. When driving and turning the wheel just a little bit to the right or make a full right hand turn, there is a rubbing/grinding noise. 2 months ago the noise was faint, but noticeable. Now the noise is much louder. It doesn't get louder the more or less you turn Anyone notice a grinding noise when making a low speed turn? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 23 Posts. 1; 2; Next. 1 of 2 Go to page. Go. Last. D. dave c · Registered. Joined Apr 1, 2008 · 111 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 24, 2008. Last night in a parking lot I noticed a horrible grinding noise while turning a near (but not full. My 2004 Ford Focus makes small grinding and vibrating noises when turning to the right. The problem was much more severe earlier this month. I took it to the shop and had them get me new tires and an alignment. That fixed the majority of the problems. However, i am still having the grinding and vibrating noises when turning to the right Grinding noise whilst turning right. More lock, more grind. More speed, more grind. It's a rubbing, mid-pitch metallic sound. I figure something rotating, BUT...-No apparent wheel bearing noise/play on inspection. Sounds kinda like the N/S/F brake grinding, but this wouldn't make a lot of sense. The brake shouldn't be applying when turning

Noise When Braking at Low Speed [Causes and How to Fix

When I first get in my car in the mornings, as I turn left at LOW speed, I can hear this grinding noise that sounds like it is coming from the front/right of the car. I had my front brakes and rotors changed and had never noticed this before this work was done Front End Grinding Noise I have a 2012 gmc terrain with about 83000 miles on it. I cant seem to figure out a grinding noise I hear at low speed braking. It sounds like it's on the front passenger side. I have replaced the wheel bearings, brake pads and disks and the noise has gotten better but I can still hear it. Could it be the axle going out Noise when turning steering wheel at low speed. If your vehicle is making noise at low speeds, then you need to check the suspension or power steering system. If there are popping, clunking or creaking sounds, then some suspension joints are broken down Yes grinds only when turning the steering wheel, and specially at low speed where like making a left turn into a street from being parked on the side, or a U turn it does the grinding noise really bad. When I am going straight no problems at all or merging into a lane. Just when you have to turn the steering wheel substantially Rockster. 2020 Challenger Hellraisin Scat Pack. Hi everyone so i started experiencing a weird grinding noise coming from the right side of my car matter of fact it feels like you can feel it and it only happens when i turn left at low speeds. I read all the threads everyone saying to change the diff oil and add the additive and i did that but.

Braking or non-braking, hearing it at basically any speed. Primarily noticed it on the front when turning right but pretty sure I've heard it turning left as well. Not a lot of driving going on. Kiddo's appts are done for a few more weeks and other than a grocery run the car will just sit around Attempt to duplicate the customer's concern and isolate the I-shaft by following the procedure below: 1. Locate a large area (parking lot) where the vehicle can be turned in a tight circle. 2. Turn the steering wheel to the right and/or left all the way to the steering lock, then off the steering lock a 1/4 turn. 3

Metallic rubbing sound when I turn right? AnandTech

Then the problems start. If I drive the car for an extended period of time, say 30 mins to 60 mins, then press the brakes to slow down to less than 20 mph, and turn in any direction, I hear a metal on metal grinding noise from the front of the car. As the driver it sounds like the noise is coming directly from in front of me under the hood Each time you turn the wheel, the components of these systems are put under stress and this strain can wear them down after a while. To pinpoint the exact problem area of your noisy steering wheel, you should learn about the top causes first. Below are seven of the most common reasons your steering wheel makes noise when turning. 1) Dry Ball Joint

('03-'05) - Grinding noise when turning at slow speed

I am getting an inconsistent grinding noise that sounds like its coming from around the left front wheel. It only happens after I have driven for a while and at relatively low speeds and rpms (20-40mph and 800-1500 rpm). Sometimes happens when going straight but most often with a slight left turn Joined Dec 23, 2016. ·. 27 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 30, 2016. ok so I noticed it the other day and today that when I'm driving slow and I make a turn to the right (it may do it to the left but haven't noticed yet) it makes kind of a grinding noise. The car is a 2015 Challenger SP M6 with 8,600 miles When the engine is on, not moving, I am getting a grinding/ticking noise on and off every few seconds. Sounds like either the transfer case motor or starter are engaging every few seconds. When I shift to drive, seems like my transfer case is binding at low speeds. When I try to turn and very low speeds, get a loud grinding noise 2004 GMC Envoy making a noticeable humming noise with a slight steering wheel vibration. Noise gets louder with speed and turning. Noise continues until I get below 15 mph. It is definitely coming from the front of the vehicle. Envoy has 114,000 miles and we have never replaced anything but breaks and rotors

Squeaks, clunks, and creaks: Car's suspensions and shock suffer from vibrations and poor car maintenance, as well as wear and tear. It's also likely caused by dry bushings, tie rods, or ball joints. Whining, squealing, and screeching: If these three sounds join the squeaks, it is possible that there's a problem from the power steering system. It may come from a bad pump, low power steering. Step 6: Drive The Vehicle And Make A Right And Left Turn. Start driving your vehicle and make a right-hand turn and then make a left-hand turn. If the grinding noise gets worse when you turn in one direction and then gets better when you turn the opposite direction, then the problem is most likely a wheel bearing In other words, it can't be turned any further. The power steering pump doesn't know this, and tries to keep assisting you in turning the vehicle. This causes a rise in the pressure of the power steering system and puts the power steering pump under a lot of pressure. The noise you hear may be the power steering pump overworking Grinding noises appear when the brake friction material or brake linings have worn away and the steel brake rotor is rubbing against the metal brake pad backing. This causes metal-to-metal contact when the brakes are applied, creating a grinding noise. This grinding is generally a very loud noise and will only grind when your brakes are applied.

2004-2009 Toyota Prius vehicles can be prone to a growling or grinding noise from the front wheels, a noise that gets louder with speed or worse when turning. The most likely cause outside of a brake concern (meaning brakes that are worn to the point of abnormal noise like metal on metal contact) is excessive wear of the front wheel bearings Joined Mar 7, 2012. ·. 1,298 Posts. #3 · Nov 28, 2012. The Nag trans makes a wheeeping noise when turning sometimes especially after going from drive to reverse or vice versa but typically happens when the car is warmed up. If this is the problem here, Chrysler is aware and is working on a fix. Does it in the Jeeps too When I make sharp left turns below 10 mph with the wheel cranked all the way, it makes a noticeable grinding sound from the passenger side front wheel area. I should add that it's not a clicking noise, and there has never been a clicking noise, only a grinding noise. The CV boots look fine, and the front brakes were replaced less than a year ago Clunking. A clunking or banging noise may be audible when applying brakes on a car. Harder braking creates a louder noise at higher speeds. This can be a failure of steering parts like the rack-and-pinion steering on a front-wheel-drive vehicle or tie rod ends on a rear-wheel-drive vehicle. The steering parts can be cracked or broken and need.

When I turn to the left, it does get a little quieter. When I turn to the right, a little louder. It's not a clicking noise. So tonight, I changed the fluid (just in case) with Mobil 1 75w-90 synthetic. The front differential looked low, but no obvious leaks. the drain plug magnet has some metal filing on it My '17 RAM 1500 is making a grinding sound when turning (L and R). It is not a belt squeal or a high pitched metal on metal, it is more of a quiet sounding worn brake rotor sound (if you know what I mean). Just loud enough to notice it. No performance issues or anything like that. I just thought it sounded strange for a 2 year old truck Slow speeds such as pulling up to traffic lights, you could hear a rotational shhh shhh shhh noise that slowed when you did and sped up when you pulled away. When changing the rear pads recently, you could hear/feel the noise while the wheel was jacked up and turning it by hand. That was also on the nearside as well You are turning into a parking spot. at under 5kph/3mph, When you turn the steering wheel , while applying very little throttle, and the front end of the car produces some metallic clicking noise, and you feel that one of the front tires hops/skids around a little bit. This happened only while making a very slow turn Well-Known Member. Sep 23, 2011. #5. I've been having this same problem. Sounds like it comes from the driver's side. I could hear it either coasting at low speeds or coasting downhill even at highway speeds. I changed the wheel bearings and that didn't help. Putting new front tires on and getting an alignment (my alignment was a bit off after.

Grinding Noise When Turning at Low Speeds - Maintenance

BMW Makes Noise at Low Speed If your BMW is making noise when turning your wheels at low speed, your suspension is the most common problem. Other possible causes include a power steering pump, water pump, time belt tensioner. BMW Makes Noise When Accelerating If your BMW makes noise when accelerating, the most likely cause is a worn drive belt. Grinding noise F150 Diagnose and fix grinding noise F150 What causes grinding noise F150. The 2004-06 F150 and Mark LT trucks use a vacuum operated hub connect device called an integrated wheel end (IWE). Ford has experienced issues with the IWE that result in grinding noise F150 You probably don't need to change everything but why not do it all at once. If money allows. 1 headache 1 time no worries. Firestone in Dallas quoted me $1600 for upper, lower, inner , outer and sway bar. I know I can get my parts for $300-$350 and that includes springs

When I turn the steering wheel at a complete stop, there is no sound. When I am going straight and lightly hit the brake, there is no sound. But the sound almost always appears when I am lightly on the brake as I make a right turn. Perhaps the noise is always there but more audible at slower speeds. It makes the noise without the brake as well The grinding sound is definitey speed-dependent, with longer pulses (that are most obvious) at slow speeds. I jacked up each of the 4 corners, spun each tire and did not hear the noise, leading me to think the rotors are not the issue. I then lifted the front on jack stands with both wheels off the ground. With the wheels already turning pretty.

11 Reasons Why Your Car Makes Noise When Turnin

When you turn at low speed and bring the steering to a stop, the pressure on the bearings is higher than at high speed, it can make sounds close to a grinding if they are worn. Bear in mind to examine their state. Steering pump; Finally, a grinding noise on Land Rover Evoque when I turn may be connected to a tired steering pump power steering. One thing I noticed in common with a couple of descriptions here: Breaking while making a right turn, or recovering (un-turning) from a sharp right turn would both put a right-ward side load on the front wheel. Making a noise during a side load is one symptom of a wheel bearing that is going 2005 Honda CRV AWD makes grinding noise when turning sharply. 2005 Honda CRV with only 30K miles, starts making grinding noise when turning sharply at low speed. Just past 36 month warranty period. Turns out the rear differential oil was inferior and has to be replaced by something called dual pump II oil. If you catch it early enough, simple.

Honda Civic Bad Wheel Bearing Diagnosis. Test Drive - The best way to diagnose bearing noise in your Civic is to take it for a drive. You'll be looking to hear the hum increase as the speed picks up. Jack and Wiggle - With your Civic on jack stands, you'll want to look and see if the wheel is wiggling at the bearing We own a 2004 Honda Pilot with just over 58k miles that we purchased used from a Honda dealer about 6 weeks ago. It's primarily the wife's car and she noticed the same problem: a grinding / dragging noise at speeds under 30 MPH. When you turn left or right, the noise is slightly louder

Your car makes a humming noise when accelerating. While driving, you hear a low-pitched hum. As you accelerate, the noise gets louder—maybe it sounds like an airplane taking off—but after a certain speed the volume is consistent. When you make a turn, the noise gets louder; but if you turn the other way, it disappears Our 2012 Prius with now 17,000 miles in 8 months has developed a clunking noise when turning the steering wheel, especially far to the right at low speeds. The first time the dealer identified it as a failed intermediate shaft and replaced it under warranty

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