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How High to Hang a Dining Room Chandelier. Randall Whitehead, IALD. 01/05/2017. Q: What is the correct mounting height for a fixture over a dining room table? A: First off, I'll provide a guideline: The bottom of the fixture should be 32 to 36 inches above the tabletop. Now that I've told you that rule, I'm also going to tell you to. A chandelier's chain should be 3 inches long for every foot of ceiling height. For example, for an 8 foot ceiling, the fixture should hang 30 inches to 36 inches above the table, depending on the size of the chandelier. Tip: Make sure your chain measurement includes the 4 inches of the chandelier's hanging loop plus one chain link. A general rule of thumb is to hang the fixture 3 feet (36 inches) above your table or 6 feet (72 inches) off the floor. However, all rules are made to be broken and some people consider this too low for casual entertaining

How high to hang a Chandelier Over a Table Next up, it's important to consider how high to hang a chandelier over a table. If you have an 8′ ceiling, 34 (plus or minus an inch or two) is a good height to hang your light fixture, from the tabletop to the bottom of the fixture. How to paint a wall edge without tap The basic rule I got for a chandelier is to hang the chandelier 30 to 36 inches above the dining table. Remember, with a room, it was talking 8-foot ceiling. And in a room with this higher ceiling, you can go up an extra 3 inches for each height. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person Measure the distance between the table and the light fixture. The bottom of your light fixture should be 30 to 34 inches (76.2 to 86.4 cm) above the table. 3 Hang it even higher, so no one can possibly bump into it, if it is a translucent and solid chandelier You can hang a chandelier in practically any room in the house -- from the foyer to a large walk-in closet. When hanging the chandelier, make sure to hang it at the proper height. The bottom of a.. Your chandelier should be centered over your dining table, even if the dining table is not centered within the room. Your chandelier should hang 30-to-36 inches above the table, assuming you have 8-foot ceilings. For taller ceilings, add 3 inches for every extra foot of ceiling height over 8 feet will work

We have a very large dining table (it's 9 feet long!), and the light socket is way off center in the room, so we had a few interesting dilemmas to solve before we could get started. Off Center Lighting Solutions. Our first problem to solve was the off-center light socket. When I say off center, I mean that it's WAY off center The trick to swagging your chandelier is choosing a light fixture that hangs from a cord or chain, *not* from a fixed stem. It's also essential to make sure you securely anchor the hook or other swag system into your ceiling to carry the weight of the fixture. As long as you pay attention to those two details, swagging your chandelier offers.

If your chandelier is going to be hanging above a table, you will need to take the Ceiling height and table size into account, as you want the chandelier be proportionate to the table. The best way to achieve this is to select a fixture that's diameter is somewhere between half and three quarters the diameter (or width) of the tabletop Pre-assemble chandelier; thread wire through chain. Install the mounting bracket to electrical box. Hang the chandelier from the junction box. Remember that the lock nut and the canopy go down the chain before being hung. Wire the fixture. Ground wires first, secure wires with wire nuts, and tuck into the canopy. Place and secure the canopy

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To hang more than one chandelier over a table, divide the table width by the number of chandeliers plus one and use the result as the width or diameter for each chandelier. Install the chandeliers spaced the same distance apart as the width of the chandeliers Another way of thinking about this is what is the height of a chandelier over your table. A chandelier hung over a table should be 30 to 34 inches above the bottom of the table. Your chandelier height should be close enough to the table that it will light up the table more than a ceiling light would Center of Attention Be sure that the chandelier is centered over the table and not in the middle of the room. If you have a hutch or sideboard against one wall, as most people do, your table will likely be placed slightly off center in the room, and everything will look off-kilter if the chandelier hangs exactly dead center And I have a small accent light in the corner of my living area that's also swagged - about 24 from the corner so it hangs over an end table. Both of these fixtures are in the same room (living/dining combo), and I think having two helps balance the room. The room has a vaulted ceiling, but the fixtures are hanging the same height off the floor If the chandelier hangs from a 2-story ceiling, don't let it hang lower than the height of the first floor. Try to center the chandelier with the focal point of the room: over the bed in a bedroom, lined up with a mantel or centered in the seating area of a living room, or over a dinner table in a dining room

Ask This Old House master electrician Heath Eastman makes his first house call to install a chandelier in a homeowner's dining room.#ThisOldHouse #AskTOHSUBS.. What size chandelier you choose for your bedroom depends on where you decide to hang the chandelier. Here are the sizing formulas for two common bedroom chandelier placements so you can know if you need a small bedroom chandelier or a larger option: • Centered Placement: Centering the chandelier in your bedroom will most often mean placing it over the foot of your bed

If you have a chandelier that hangs off center over your dining room table because of where it connects to the electrical fixture, you can add a swag to it and reposition it where you want it. And.. A suitable chandelier height from the floor depends on the allotted space, location, and size of the chandelier fixture itself. If you plan to hang the chandelier over a kitchen island or perhaps the dining room table, a good range is to hang the fixture 30 to 32 inches above the surface of the island or table

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  1. e the placement over a table. Chandeliers should be centered over the dining table. (If you are placing two smaller chandeliers, center the two of them)
  2. The bottom of your chandelier should be 30 inches to 36 inches above your tabletop. Hang the chandelier at the right height, but don't forget to fill up the vertical space. Use the designer's rule of thumb of allowing 2 1/2 inches to 3 inches of chandelier height for each foot of ceiling height
  3. My dining room chandelier is off-center by 5 inches! Not a big deal, except that I have sconces on the wall at the head of the table and if I center the table between the sconces, the chandelier will be 5 off the center of the table, and if I center it under the chandelier, it'll be shifted 5 closer to once sconce than the other

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Hang a chandelier approximately 30 to 34 inches over a table with an 8 foot ceiling height. Likewise, can you put a round chandelier over a rectangle table? A chandelier, pendant/suspension, or non-linear multi-pendant light fixture make sense over a round table Hang a chandelier approximately 30 to 34 inches over a table with an 8 foot ceiling height. How wide should a chandelier be over a round table? For square or round tables you can stick to the lower end, in the case 24 inches; but if you want to go bigger, a good chandelier would be an average of the two ends in size

The general rule for dining rooms is 66″-72″ from the floor, over a 30″ high table (lights in the old days typically hung lower than we are necessarily accustomed to today). However, for a light like this where you can see into the top of the bowl shade, one might want to go a little higher, like 78″. Ceiling height has an impact. Hang the Chandelier Correctly . Depending on where you're placing your chandelier, there are some guidelines you can follow. When hanging a chandelier above a dining room table, experts generally agree that it should hang 30 to 36 inches above your table. The rule is simple—the taller the ceiling, the taller the chandelier

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Standard Chandelier Height Tip. Rule of thumb is that a chandelier should hang approximately 36″ from the table top. (that gives ample light, doesn't block your view across the table when you're seated, and still visually connects to the table) So I decided I could make a chandelier longer and just rewire the top wire that connects from. Consider the Dining Table's Size and Shape. The chandelier should be approximately one-third the width of the table, says Lohnes. So a 5-foot round dining table (60 inches) needs a chandelier with a diameter of 20 inches. Oval or rectangular tables can take a slightly wider chandelier. From: GARDNER, REALTORS and Luxury Portfolio International® source To answer my reader's question: the ceiling light needs to hang over the dining or breakfast table rather than in the center of the room, unless you have a secondary ceiling light hanging over the table. If you can't rehang or rewire the chandelier, simply screw in a ceiling hook above your table and swag the light fixture (you may need to add more chain)

When it comes to chandelier sizing over your table, the width is what you need to focus on--take the table's width in inches, subtract 12 and that gives you the maximum size for the width of a light to go over it. (That advice comes from our popular guide to light sizing .) Since you have a long table, you have two options for lighting it: 1 Chandelier Hanging Height. Measuring your ceiling height and determining where the bottom of your chandelier should hang can save time during install. For rooms where people walk under the fixture, it should be at least 7' above the floor. Above dining tables, the chandelier should hang 30-34 above the table in an 8' room Chandelier; Ceiling Medallion; Caulking; Nail Gun or nails + hammer; 1. First, have an electrician move the junction box so that it's centered over your table. Don't worry about the leftover gaping hole in the ceiling, if the new location is within 20-25″ of the old one, the ceiling medallion will cover up the old hold which means no. This by-the-numbers chandelier decorating guide has all the answers. I'll teach you how high to hang a chandelier over a dining room table, a bed or nightstands. You'll learn to calculate how high to hang a chandelier or lighting based on your ceiling height and how to choose the right size chandelier for your space

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  1. Mar 23, 2016 - Solution for Off-Centered Chandeliers! Clearly when my house was built, the electrical wiring was done before the island was placed. The result was chandeliers that were way off-center. The solution - leave the wiring where it was and swag the chandeliers to the center where they belonged. A little extra chain and a couple of small canopies to cover where the wiring came in and.
  2. Hanging a large chandelier in a room with 8 foot ceiling will not work. Placement. For optimal lighting, you want to position the chandelier in the center of the living space, generally over the coffee table. Since lots of people will be moving around in this space, hang the chandelier at least 7 feet from the floor to avoid people bumping into it
  3. g your table is 30 high, the bottom of your light fixture will be about 60 from the floor

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Want to hang a chandelier over D/R table. Answer this question + 1 . Answered. I live in an apartment that has no overhead light in the D/R. Suggestions for how to run/hide wire from wall outlet to hook for light would be appreciated. It is not a popcorn ceiling...I lucked out there The first step is the position your chandelier in the center of the table so that its placement does not look awkward. The next step is to find the correct height to hang the chandelier over your table. The bottom of a dining room chandelier should hang approximately 30 to 34 inches over the table for a standard 8 foot ceiling The chandelier should hang over the center of the table. If the table is rectangular or oval, the chandelier should be at least 12 inches narrower than the table itself. If you have a round or square table, the chandelier should be 18 inches smaller than the tabletop. Your chandelier should be no more than about half the width of the table If you're installing pendant lighting over a kitchen island or bar, or a chandelier over a dining table, hang it so that the bottom hovers 30 to 34 inches from the surface. Pendants over areas people walk underneath should be hung to allow for a clearance of at least seven feet The standard height for hanging a chandelier or pendant lamp over the dining table is 30 inches from the tabletop. But then again, rules are made to be broken. The fixture in my home, for example, is 36 inches above the tabletop. I like this height, as it puts the fixture at 5 feet, 6 inches above the floor — just high enough for me to walk.

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So you've decided on a chandelier and placed an order.what now? For starters, remember that lighting from a chandelier, no matter what the setting, should make a room, people, home furnishings and prized possessions look their very best. So it's important to hang the chandelier in the right spot and at the proper height for maximu How the chandelier casts light onto the table is affected by a number of things, such as the design of the chandelier, the light bulbs used or lumens emitted, and the height. The best way to test the lighting effect is to hang it over the table and light it up, even if temporarily Ha ha ha.) Take your ceiling hook and screw it into the hole where your pin was. Pull down to test the strength. Hang your chandelier onto the hook at the desired height. Rewire your fixture to the electrical box (you can follow my tutorial for installing a light fixture if you need to.) Voila Follow a few easy steps to obtain a customized recommendation on chandelier size. 1/ Chandeliers above dining room tables should have a diameter of 1/2 to 2/3 the width of the table. 2/ To size a chandelier as the focal point of any other space, such as foyers, living rooms, etc, measure the length and width of your room then add those figures. When hanging a pendant or a chandelier . . . Take Care to Hang It at the Correct Height Too high and a pendant lamp might look stuck to the ceiling, constricted; too low and you won't be able to.

PLACEMENT: If you plan on a single pendant or chandelier, it should be centered over your dining room table. For a standard 8-foot ceiling, chandeliers should hang about 30-32 inches above the table, and raised about 3 inches for each additional foot of ceiling height. SCALE: The general rule: for round/square tables, the diameter of the. Aug 29, 2017 - Explore Norma Madden's board Outdoor chandelier on Pinterest. See more ideas about outdoor chandelier, diy lighting, chandelier Always try and hang at least 28 to 32 inches above the table to allow some room for decor items or your favorite book. Foyer. Hanging a chandelier in a foyer area depends upon the ceiling height. For a normal one floor story that is 9-12 feet high, the bottom of the chandelier should be no closer than 7 ft 6 inches from the floor When hanging a chandelier above a table or kitchen island, there are a few rules: Height: Hang your kitchen chandelier lighting so that its lowest point is 30-34 inches from the tabletop (we always suggest leaning toward the higher end of this margin). Diameter: The diameter for a chandelier hung over a table-be that table in the kitchen or in the living room-should be one foot less than. For example, your antler chandelier diameter over a 40 inch diameter table would be no larger than 36 inches. My own dining room chandelier is 38 inches in diameter over a 42 inch wide table and is gorgeous. On round and oval tables of 50-60 inches in diameter, I like a chandelier diameter of 36 to 44 inches

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The right height to hang a chandelier, pendant or wall sconce. Over a dining table, in a foyer on a wall or over an island, learn the right numbers to hang. Kylie M Interiors. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint colour expert. Online decorating and e-design, e-decor consultations. Affordable and creative ideas that suit you AND your home. Generally speaking, chandeliers should be well centered over the dining table. A creative exception would be to hang two smaller chandeliers side by side over the table, in lieu of one large one. Overall, all light fixtures should hang approximately 30-34 inches above a dining table. Keep in mind that no chandelier, no matter what room it hangs. Hanging Height: The bottom of the chandelier should hang 30 - 36 above the table. Where to Hang: Mount the light above the middle of the table - not the middle of the room. If you have a sideboard or buffet table, your dining table is likely placed off-center in the room, so a chandelier hanging in the middle of the space will be.

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  1. The width of the chandelier should be about 1/2 to 2/3 the width of the table it will be hanging over. It should also be at least 12″ less than than the width of your table so that you don't bump it with your head when getting in or out of your seat
  2. You can hang a chandelier over a dining room table and call it a day, but try and remember to create layers of light. You want to provide general lighting as well as accent lighting. Recessed or track and monorail lighting are perfect in most dining rooms. Monorail, recessed, and track lighting allow you to feature certain architectural.
  3. You want to hang the chandelier about 34 inches above the table with an 8-foot ceiling. According to Wolberg.com, you should hang it an additional 3 inches higher for every extra foot of ceiling. That means if you have a 10-foot ceiling, you will hang it 40 inches above your table instead of 34 inches
  4. For the right hanging height, position the bottom of the chandelier about 30-32 inches above the table, adjusting to work with the size of the table and the overall scale of your interior. For more design inspiration, visit our Pinterest Boards , or find more gorgeous rooms in our Photo Gallery

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  1. Round or square tables look great with a chandelier. The diameter of the chandelier will depend on the radius of the table for a balanced design. You do not want to have a chandelier that is too small or too big, it would not look right. A good rule of thumb is for the chandelier's to be diameter to be 12″ smaller than the table's width
  2. Hanging a Chandelier in a Living Room. Are you wondering how high to hang a light over the coffee table in your family or living room? This one is a little tricker and also has a lot to do with the light fixture itself, the other lighting hanging from ceilings in adjacent rooms, and personal preference
  3. Polished Nickel Chandelier . You can see more close to the ceiling fixtures here. Next are some more of my picks that'll work even if you don't have tall ceilings. Often times, the chandelier lighting will be hanging over a dining table, a bed, or a living room table. In these cases, you can go larger than 12″. Bennington Chandelier.
  4. When hanging a chandelier over a table, the diameter can also be decided by the size of the table, rather than the size of the room. A table, such as a dining room table, is also a focal point in a room, so the chandelier should share attention with the table and keep it proportionate
  5. Example: 22 inches is the recommended approximate chandelier diameter; If your chandelier will be hanging above a table, the calculation is a little different. In general, a chandelier should be about 1/2 to 1/3 the width of the table. So if your table is 3 feet wide (36 inches), shop for a chandelier that's 12 to 18 inches wide

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  1. This calculation is particularly well-suited to a chandelier hanging in the center of the room and over the major piece of furniture or focal point, as in a dining room. 2. Define the area in a large room of several conversation areas or functions with a table or area rug
  2. Dining Room Chandelier/Kitchen Table Light Size. Next, we are talking about the lighting in your dining area or eat in kitchen table. You should hang the chandelier 36″ high from table top. The chandelier size should be half the width of the table (short side)
  3. The sparkle and dazzle of a well-placed chandelier defines and enhances the mood of any room. A chandelier that is too large can easily overpower a room and its inhabitants; one that is too small becomes insignificant and decreases the perceived value of the entire space. By following a few interior design guidelines for choosing the correct size, you will maximize the impact of the fixture

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Hanging a chandelier over the bathtub is a great way to bring style and warmth to an otherwise stark bathroom. However, before you start remodeling your bathroom, you need to be aware that your local building ordinances may prohibit such an installation. This bathroom,. Hang the chandelier above the dining table. This is the most common placement, as it emphasizes the room's purpose by keeping attention focused on its most important piece of furniture. Centering the chandelier over the table will offer a tasteful spotlight for rich holiday meals, light afternoon luncheons and even the occasional game of cards

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To make sure your lighting fixture is at the correct height over the table, look for a linear suspension lamp, pendant or chandelier with field-adjustable cords and cables. This allows you to make modifications to the hanging height of the light at the time of installation, making sure you get the perfect fit In terms of chandelier width, the diameter of the chandelier should measure between half (1/2) and two thirds (2/3) of the dining table. We would advise the width to not be any larger. Visual guide for hanging light fixtures above a dining table. Visual guide for hanging light fixtures above a round table. Over a Kitchen Islan Chandeliers. Chandelier 8 Light Candelabra Sockets Curved Arms Hanging Chandelier. Big hanging chandelier accommodating eight lights, hanging on a chain. It has airy design with curved arms that give the whole a romantic and whimsical character. The chandelier is made of metal with dark bronze finish For example, a chandelier over the dining table, and a large pendant (or multi-light pendant) over a round kitchen table? Pleasantly cohesive or uninspired matchy? I purchased a 7- light ombré globe chandelier and would love to get a clear globe 1- or 3- light pendant for the kitchen Have an old ceiling fan over the dining room table which we use all the time in summer but it gives out minimal light. Looking at new fans gives me the impression they don't do much better at all (have looked at hundreds!). It doesn't help that you have to put that meager light 7-8 ft from the floor unlike a chandelier which can be hung lower

GZBtech Vintage 3-Light Pendant Lighting Fixture, 59.06'' H Adjustable Rustic Hanging Billiard Light Over The Pool Table, Industrial Black Metal Chandelier for Dinning Room Kitchen Island 4.6 out of 5 stars 3 For an eight-foot wall: The bottom of the chandelier should hang between 30 to 34 inches from the top of your table. For a 10-foot wall : The bottom of the chandelier should hang between 34 to 38.

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After last week's design dilemma discussion on pendant lights in a kitchen many of you asked me to do a post on how to coordinate pendant lights with the chandelier you hang over the table in your breakfast nook. Making design decisions can be tough and it's often hard to visualize how something will look before it's installed A fine chandelier puts an accent on the dining area. Here is a more classic approach to living room design. This design is rich in wood and textures, and it's set in warm brown hues. It features a prominent chandelier hanging over a sitting area with a luxurious white couch. This living room is filled with light - it looks bright and spacious Hang a Greenery Chandelier Photo by Harwell Photography These guests are having a great time at dinner—and we're going to assume it's because they're dining under this statement chandelier with. How low should a chandelier hang over a dining room table? What's the appropriate height for an end table? Here are some useful guidelines: Hanging Pictures - generally, pictures should be hung at eye level, but whose eye level? Hang it so that the center is at 5'8″ to 5'10 A multi-light chandelier creates even light distribution over a dining room table, connects the people sitting below it, and eliminates unappealing dark spots. Multiple glass globes dimmed low create a great ambiance. Candelabra bulbs within a metal framework—like the Agnes Chandelier, from Roll and Hill—create a clean, simple design that.

Finally, I clipped the lamp's electrical cord into the microphone stand clips. I was able to adjust the lamp to hang over the table at the exact height I wanted. The long electrical cord stayed clipped against the boom stand, just as a microphone's cord would. Presto! Lighting over a table without putting holes in the ceiling The dining table is the focal point here, but the lighting is just as important. A chandelier overhead is the most common type of lighting in a dining room, as it provides enough light to eat while accentuating your style. (Try a dimmer so you can set the mood when entertaining.) If you have a buffet, flank it with a pair of sconces at a height that keeps the bulbs out of sight Lending the same space-saving benefit as a light over a nightstand, a chandelier can illuminate a desk or dressing table in your bedroom. Here, hang the fixture 30-36 inches above the table surface, adjusting as needed so the light is slightly above your eye level when sitting

Hang a chandelier 30 to 36 from the top of the table to the bottom of the chandelier. For ceilings more than 8 feet high, raise the chandelier 3 for each additional foot of ceiling height. In a foyer, hang chandeliers or pendants with the bottom at least 6 higher than the door height. If the door has a window over it, center the. Top: Ida Pendant paired with the Adler Chandelier. Middle: Sloan Pendant paired with the Percy Chandelier. Bottom: Delta Pendant paired with the Kayleigh Chandelier. With open concept layouts being so popular, there are a lot of homes that have dining areas that are either in the same room as the kitchen or right next to it with no real separation The proper pendant or chandelier size chandelier would be 25 inches in diameter. There are two approaches to positioning pendants properly over a dining table. Hang the bottom rim of the. Dining Table: The bottom of a chandelier should be at least 30″ above the dining table (59″-62″ from floor). For ceilings higher than 8′, add 3″ for each additional foot of ceiling height. Example: With a 10′ ceiling, the bottom of the chandelier should be approximately 36″ above the top of the table. Hanging a Chandelier I picked a chandelier (of course!) but any light fixture designed to hang should work (i.e. a modified pendant or drum shade style fixture should work). In this crude example (literally a spare chandelier I stored- functionally!- in my garage for a few months) you can see how hanging light fixtures can be hung from a different point than they.

Dramatic fixtures can hang no lower than 16. If your ceiling height isn't high enough, make up for it with a wider fixture to create drama. Use a low profile fixture with a large diameter. Place compact or wider chandeliers and pendants over table surfaces, leaving 26-30 inches of clearance Deleon recommends placing a big mirror on the wall above a dining room table to reflect the chandelier, or installing a mirror across from a beloved piece of artwork You should leave at least 7 feet of space between the chandelier and your floor. Above A Table. Leave about 30 to 40 inches above the surface, depending on the height of your ceiling. In A Bathroom. You can hang a chandelier over your bathtub for an elegant and relaxing addition to your bathroom. Hang it about 8 feet over your tub for. You could also hang multiple bulbs above a dining room table with a hook on the ceiling to feed the cord through to create a hanging-chandelier effect; add a soft drum shade; or leave the bulbs.

Where you're hanging the fixture. When your ceiling is only 8 feet high, any hanging fixture will need to be over a space that you do not walk under. Look to hang that pendant over a kitchen island, bar or sink, dining table, coffee or cocktail table or even nightstand You can also opt for one stand out chandelier to make a bold statement in your kitchen. Popular Chandeliers. There are a multitude of options when it comes to chandeliers, here are some of our favorites that will work well over an island. Visual Comfort's Mini Lantern Chandelier . CHC2175AI - $360 (3) 60w light bulb Hang your dining room mirror on the wall nearest to your table to give the room a brighter, more open look and feel. Like all mirrors in the house, you should hang it at eye level. For a rough idea, count on hanging your mirror approximately 57 to 65 inches off the floor

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Tip 1: Layer Your Lighting. To achieve the best look and feel, it's important to layer your lighting pieces. Start with your overhead lights to brighten the room, and then add in dimension through accent lighting. Table lamps, floor lamps, and even scones add extra design elements while making your space feel warmer For a more modern look, you can play with the scale with an oversized chandelier, like our Altona Chandelier, above a large rectangular table. For round tables, try a classically elegant fixture like our Winfield Chandelier , or opt for the artisan-made elegance of our Willamette Chandelier —which features fluted glass that is cast in Italy. Hang a silver chandelier that forms a straight line, with LEDs through their centres. Build a chandelier from desk lamps, creeping together to form a spider. Fan your chandelier into a Sputnik, with golden rods that peek out over your desired space for dining. Open imagination and light up your home with these modern, non-conventional chandeliers The taller the ceiling, the taller the chandelier can be. A foyer chandelier should hang about 7 feet off the floor, measuring from the bottom of the chandelier. For a chandelier suspended above a dining room table, there should be around 30 inches from the bottom of the chandelier to the tabletop for a dining room with an 8-foot ceiling Over difficult surfaces: Make sure to pick up special drill bits made exclusively for tile, glass, or concrete, advises Downs. Then resume hanging with appropriate hardware as if you were hanging on drywall. On the door: Choose a full-length mirror and position it so it takes up as much of the door as possible. Mirror clips are an easy way to. (If you have a table or counter below the light, you can choose a semi-flush or even a chandelier) For ceiling heights of 9' to 10'), consider a semi flush mount light. Most hang less than a foot from the ceiling. For over 10' ceilings, you should consider chandeliers or pendants