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They will be fine for several weeks. You can stored them in a box until you need them. They need to be covered to keep dust off, but not airtight unless you want them to be soft. socosweets Posted 7 Apr 2012, 11:55a If stored under ideal conditions, rolled fondant normally has a shelf life of about six months to a year. However, the time period about the usability of fondant is a topic that many bakers still cannot decide on a definite answer. There is one group of people who say that it is usable for one or two months when stored at room temperature

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  1. Fondant Cake Toppers How Long Do They Last. Sea ocean life fondant cake toppers 20 easy ways to decorate a cake 20 easy ways to decorate a cake custom edible images for cakes dinosaur cake toppers on simple white. Under the sea ocean life fondant cake toppers mermaid cake decorating timeline when should i decorate my veena rice krispie cake.
  2. How Long Will A Fondant Cake Topper Last. Cake How Long Will A Fondant Cake Topper Last Dik Dik Zaxy June 16, 2020 no Comments . how to stick fondant decorations cake rose bakes how to keep every kind of cake fresh under the sea ocean life fondant cake toppers mermaid. Related
  3. How Long is Fondant Good for? When properly stored, fondant can be kept for 1-2 months at room temperature. It keeps much longer than frostings and icings, which typically only keep for 4-7 days. Making fondant in advance can be a great way to save you time

Our tests have shown once printed, cake toppers are at their best when used within 2 - 3 weeks. How To Apply Cake Toppers Printed cake toppers will work on most cake coverings but the best results are achieved when used on smooth, fondant icing or shop bought, ready iced cakes Fondant decorations can take as long as 36 hours or as short as 4 hours to dry. There are several factors that would determine how long a fondant decoration takes to dry. These factor include the recipe that was used to make the fondant, the size and thickness of the decoration and the weather conditions How Long Does Fondant Last? There is no timeline for how long fondant will last, as it greatly depends on the storage environment. If stored properly, fondant should keep for about 2 weeks at room temperature. It's imperative that your fondant doesn't develop a crust Preserving Cake Toppers. Hi, I made a fondant/flowerpaste topper for a wedding cake ( tractor with bride and groom). The bride has asked me if there is any way of preserving the topper. I know it will keep for a year or two but is there anything it can be sprayed with to help keep it longer Keep the fondant in a cool, dark place for up to 3-4 months. Put your decorations in place that doesn't get a lot of light, such as a cabinet, pantry, or closet. Make sure the container isn't in direct sunlight or it could cause the colors to fade. Your fondant decorations will last for up to 4 months until they go bad

Even though edible sheets have a shelf life of 6-12 months when stored in ideal conditions such as storage in secure airlock bags, it is advisable to use the sheets as soon as you get them and avoid ordering in bulk due to its destructible nature. This will also avoid any colour fading that may occur due to the sheet not being used This ready-made fondant can be kept for up to a year in an airtight container. Once the fondant is on a cake or sculpted into decorations, it will harden. After three days to a week it will still look beautiful, but may be less than pleasing to the palate With a basic butter cake, the fondant covering should be done no more than 2 to 3 days in advance of decorating and serving. A cake only remains fresh that long anyway and because fondant is sugar based, it's also how long it can stand without breaking down from the moisture in the cake. Click to see full answe

Technically, yes, rolled fondant icing does expire and at some point it will go bad. Fondant should be stored in an airtight container in the original plastic bag. It should be placed in a dark, dry, and cool place to keep it way from UV and fluorescent lights and moisture. When making a dummy cake that won't be eaten I like to use expired fondant that still has good color and flexibility How long do the edible toppers last? / How far in advance should I order? you can simply use a clean paintbrush with a little bit of water to adhere the decal to the fondant or royal frosting. Wet the paintbrush and brush the water directly on to the fondant/royal icing. What sizes do your cake toppers come in? - 8 ROUND which will fit. I just read through your FAQ about cake toppers and it was very helpful. I wanted to confirm. You said that fondant figurines can be stored indefinitely if sprayed with a lacquer. I want to make a wedding cake topper out of fondant. Should I use the 50/50 fondant/gumpaste mix or is straight fondant a better bet Here are our 5 top tips and tricks for modeling fondant figures and cake toppers. Tip 1: Be Your Own Worst Critic. One of the first things you need when you begin creating any project is self-criticism and a good analytical eye. We're both terrible critics of our own work and will begin afresh if we don't think a cake or cupcake topper we. Video Friday 33 - Resin A Fondant Cake Topper! Have you ever had a special treat that was just too pretty or too sentimental to eat? Did you want to keep i..

4 quick steps to help you apply your edible photo onto your cake! Brought to you by http://www.cakemyface.co.ukHow do I apply my photo?The easiest way to rem.. Yes, you can! Princess Cake - a 2-tier fondant ruffled Princess cake (except the crown) with the brooch and pearls. And photo down below: the top tier of a wedding cake (excuse the pic, it's one of the 1st and before my camera) covered in fondant with a sugar lace design. The tier is in the refrigerator waiting for assembly Additionally, before applying fondant, the cake should be cooled, preferably 24 hours, to help make the cake more solid and prevent crumbs from sticking to the fondant. Fondant dries quickly, and if you do not work quickly or do not keep the fondant well-wrapped in plastic, it can crumble and crack Technically, sure, rolled fondant icing does expire and sooner or later it is going to go dangerous. Most fondants have a shelf life of twenty-two - 24 months. I will all the time favor to make use of my fondant as freshly as doable, inside the first 6 months of buying. How long does it take for fondant to harden As long as they are stored in the protective sleeve they are delivered in they will keep fresh for up to 6 months. Are the toppers pre-cut? All our cupcake toppers are pre-cut. The 7.5 Circles in fondant are also precut

Air-drying fondant can take up to 36 hours, depending on thickness. Make your fondant 3-5 days before you plan on serving your cake to allow for adequate drying time. Set aside more drying time for homemade fondant. Homemade fondant takes several days to fully harden but can be solid enough to build on within 24 hours Jan 24, 2018 - Explore Cakemom Custom Cakes's board Fondant Topper tutorials, followed by 3119 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about fondant toppers, fondant, fondant tutorial Apply the Edible Cake Topper to the cake as close to use as possible as prolonged exposure to moisture from the icing can affect the print quality (no more than 2 days). How long will they keep for? They have a shelf life of one year, but we recommend within a few months once they have been printed Keep your fondant work in a cool, dark room. If it's a particularly sunny, close the blinds or curtains. This goes for all fondant work, no matter how small. For example, we always place cupcake toppers in an unused cake box to dry. 3. Avoid drastic temperature changes. When it comes to iced cakes, avoid quick, drastic changes in temperature

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Opened fondant can be stored two months in an airtight container wrapped in plastic wrap. Do not refrigerate or freeze. Gum Paste dries out quickly. Keep wrapped in plastic wrap and stored in a plastic bag. Keeps up to two weeks at room temperature. If storing longer, cover with a thin coating of vegetable shortening, wrap tightly with plastic. It should not be kept too long it good as long as you can slice into it with a wet knife. The fondant begins to harden as it dries over a period of time it should be kept in a covered cake dish to prevent drying. but even so it begins drying as so..

My understanding is technically speaking, a fondant covered cake can keep if stored in fridge for 7-10 days. I agree with Elli, advise client the cake may dry out if kept that long in fridge and may not match the quality of enjoyment you intended, but should survive and be fine to eat Heat small fondant pieces, such as figurines and flowers, for 8 to 10 minutes. Heat large fondant pieces, such as bouquets and cake toppers, for 12 to 15 minutes. Take the pan out of the oven, and set it out to air dry for 30 minutes. To harden fondant using a blow dryer, set the pieces on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper How Long do the toppers last? They last up to a year, but I do recommend 3 - 6 months, fondant hards and it might cause some minor teeth fracture if the pieces are too hard and old.. When is the best time to place the toppers on the cupcakes No, you're not supposed to eat it. When plating fondant rolled cakes we ALWAYS pull off and discard the fondant before cutting into slices. I have done this as routine for whole decades of professional life. Same thing with sugar flowers, my speci..

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  1. Next is cutting the guitar cake topper body in fondant. I used white fondant that has been mixed with CMC. Roll it to about 1 cm thickness. Place the paper template on the rolled fondant and used your sugarcraft knife to cut it along its outline. For the top part of the guitar cake topper body, do not cut the square indentation out
  2. My second fondant cake topper, definitely better than last year... My goal is to do one for my daughter every year! Close. 2.9k. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. It took me so long to make it- it really makes you appreciate what these cake designers put into their work
  3. utes. Apply fondant decorations as close to delivery (or pickup) time as possible. Keep at room temperature
  4. A quick tip to help prevent condensation on the fondant surface after coating a cold cake. I always coat cakes with fondant straight after removing them from the fridge, because the ganache/buttercream is set harder, and makes it easier to coat and work with. The downside of this is that because the cake is cold, it starts to get wet due to.
  5. The toppers can be used on most cake coverings, including marzipan, fondant, royal icing, glace icing, chocolate, thickened whipped cream, buttercream and frozen cake surfaces (ice-cream). Not recommended for placing on jelly cakes, they are just too wet and cause the colours to run
  6. utes to accelerate its drying.. Of course, you should watch at all times that the pieces of fondant do not become to dry, cracked or burnt. When the oven is hot, reduce the power and leave the fondant on the tray and.
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  1. Vans Shoe Cake topper Tutorial Tools & Materials Required ~ Print and cut out Templates Fondant in White and another colour of your choice Corn Flour with sponge for dusting Exacto Knife or sharp Blade Edible Glue with brush Stitch tool 2 width sizes of straws Edible paint..
  2. You can now purchase my new tutorial which will take you through the steps to create Fuzzy the Bear. This tutorial has color photos detailing each step, as well as some great info on fondant, gumpaste and so on. the price is $12.99 until Jan 1st 2012 and then it will go back to $14.99
  3. Many people are intimidated by making hard candy decorations. Isomalt is a great way for beginners and professionals to make hard candy decorations. Isomalt is much easier to work with then traditional cooked sugar. The pre-cooked isomalt sticks are even easier to use. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that people have about using isomalt
  4. Most bakery sponge cakes have a shelf life of 5 days and supermarket sponges are full of weird preservatives to extend shelf life. pretty sure once its covered in fondant it will last for well over a week. In respect to this, how do you store a genoise cake? The cake should be completely cool before filling, frosting or storing. The cake may be.
  5. 3 - Use a Table Lamp. Another way to dry your fondant quickly is to use a table lamp. You do not want a high watt bulb, just a simple table lamp will do. Do not place the table lamp too close to the fondant, but place it above about the same distance as from the center rack of the oven to the oven light. As long as the humidity in your.
  6. Cover and keep the cake at room temperature for up to 3 days.For short term storage, cover the fondant cake with plastic wrap. Transfer the cake to a cake carrier and keep the cake at room temperature until you need it. The cake should be used within 2 to 3 days
  7. You can prepare your cake boards ahead of time. And this does not necessarily mean just wrapping them in decorating paper. I mean you can cover your cake board with fondant or add the extra elements that go on the board. Decorations and cake toppers - Sugar flowers and figures can be made as early as two weeks ahead of time

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Peel off the silicone mold. Place the pushed out molded fondant onto a tray. Let it sit for a few minutes so that the fondant has time to set a little. If there is excess cornstarch or sugar on the fondant, brush off gently with a soft bristles brush before using the molded fondant to decorate your cakes and cookies I need to make a cake topper figurine Little Mermaid. Hi - A lot of people ask if you can mix 50:50 gumpaste with fondant, fondant with Tylose, or modeling chocolate instead of gumpaste. The pros are that often these options are easier to work with than gumpaste Using your index finger, gently roll the end until it becomes thinner and forms a point. Make sure the finished product is the same length as your string guide. Note: You do not have to use a 50% fondant, 50% gum paste mixture. If you have only fondant, just knead a little tylose powder into your fondant to help with drying To make beach towel: 1. Roll out a sheet of blue fondant (approx. 0.25mm thick). 2. Use a pizza cutter or knife and cut out rectangle shape from the sheet of blue fondant (approx. 2″ long x 1 1/2″ wide). 3. Roll out thin sheet of yellow & white fondant for the beach towel's stripes. 4

Place the topper in a warm dry oven at a very low temperature, (approx 50/60 degrees) for about 1-2 minutes, if the temperature is too hot the plastic backing will crumple and your picture will be damaged beyond repair. It is easier also to increase the temperature of the oven if needed. Remove the topper and allow to cool for a few seconds About Fondant Cake Toppers. F ondant is a type of icing used to decorate cakes, cupcakes or pastries. It is made with sugar, water, corn syrup and food based colours. The ingredients we use are 100% vegan, natural and of premium quality. Fondant can be of two types, poured fondant and rolled fondant. As the name suggests, poured fondant is.

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Can you please advise on when I should start icing and putting the fondant on? I am thinking this-Day 1: Make cake and smbc, refrigerate Day 2: layer cake, crumb coat and put icing on as a second layer refrigerate for a few hours Day 2: put fondant on and edible glitter Day 3 am: add the toppers, etc Day 3 pm: cake is ready for the part 1. Roll a sheet of fondant about 8″ wide by 15″ long, approx. 1/8 inch thick. You don't want it to be too thin, or the loops won't be able to hold their shape when they dry. 2. Cut the sheet with a pizza roller, 6″ in width. 3. My bow loops will be 1″ wide. Use the ruler as a guide and cut with a pizza roller or fondant cutter

If you want to figure out how much corn syrup you need per cup, then remember that one cup of corn syrup weighs 11.5oz. To make modeling chocolate using real chocolate, then use his recipe: 1/2 cup of corn syrup (5.6oz) +. 1 lb of chocolate (any kind) Method to make them: Whichever chocolate you use, the method is the same Learn how to make these cute bride & groom cake toppers! This tutorial consists of two PDFs (Bride + Groom). Each PDF file includes: - over 190 photos - detailed and EASY-TO-FOLLOW instructions - TEMPLATES (they will help you get the right proportions and shapes - see photos) - useful TIPS Height of the toppers: Bride - 14.5 cm Groom - 15 cm If you need a different size topper, simply print. Shop the best edible cake decorations and toppers perfect for decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies, candy and more! Save $10 + Free Shipping on Orders of $60 or More- SHOP NOW Skip to main content Skip to footer conten Rice Krispie Cake Topper Tutorial Posted on Published: May 6, 2014 - Last updated: December 1, 2020 Categories Cakes, Cupcakes and Pies , Desserts & Snacks , recipes , tutorial By: Author Kati If you enjoy good weather the simplest way to make a quick modeling paste would be to add CMC or Tylose to your fondant. A tsp of CMC to 250 grams of fondant works great. You can make cake toppers such as animals and this Birdhouse cake with just a simple modeling paste

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  1. Cut it into a 1/2-inch long strip. Place a round cookie cutter or glass a baking sheet covered with waxed paper and dusted with powdered sugar. Wrap the purple fondant around the cutter, using it as a guide to make the center of the rainbow round. Repeat the process with the blue fondant, cutting out a 1/2-inch strip
  2. STORE EDIBLE TOPPERS AT ROOM TEMPERATURE. DO NOT REFRIGERATE OR FREEZE BEFORE USE, AS THIS WILL CRACK THE IMAGES. How to Apply Edible Image On a Cake 1. Prepare Your Cake You can have any kind of cake - fruit, sponge, chocolate, or your favorite recipe. Bake and decorate your own cake or buy one already iced from a bakery or supermarket
  3. utes. Turn the oven off. To harden fondant using a blow dryer, set the pieces on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper. Set the dryer to its lowest setting and hold it 1 to 1 1/2 feet away from the fondant
  4. Fondant : Fondant can be made 1 day before, up to 5 weeks before cake is due. To store fondant , wrap well in plastic wrap, and place inside an airtight container. Keep at room temperature, away from sunlight
  5. Create two small snakes of brown fondant and secure them to the body as the front legs. Step 16: Attach a small piece of white fondant to a larger piece of brown fondant. Shape them into a tail and use a rolling cutter to add texture. Step 17: Secure the fox tail with water or edible glue

The wedding is in Rhode Island, and I live in Virginia, so they will have to be mailed. I have finally made a Fondant sunflower I like, and the design calls for 8 flowers per cookie. Since this is my first venture into Fondant, and since I'm nearing 80, I must get started, but wondering how long the Fondant flowers will last Fondant decorations can take as little as 2 hours or as much as 36 hours to dry. The length it would take a fondant decoration to dry is dependent on many factors. These factors include recipe, size and shape of the decoration, thickness of the decoration and weather condition I have made a cake 3 days in advance and kept it in the fridge and it stayed beautiful. make sure it does not go from cold to HOT that will make it unstable. Also if you box the cake it will protect it more from the moisture if the fridge and protect it from absorbing any smells from other foods in the fridg A week in advance will be fine, I've often made them that early. Add message | Report. SuperBunny Fri 12-Sep-08 18:04:29. Thanks Tinkjon. I was going to make them last night but the box said not to do the icing more than 2 days in advance. I am sure I have done it earlier than that in the past. I'll do it this weekend If using edible icing sheets to decorate a fondant-finished cake, first brush or spray the fondant or back of the icing image with a tiny amount of water but don't over-wet it this could cause the colours in the image to run. Hold the topper gently and place the middle onto the cake first, then smooth it out to the edges with the palm of your hand

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Use an adjustable long rolling pin (dough roller) Most long rolling pins have thickness rings to get a smooth, even finish on the fondant. A regular rolling pin works for most projects, however the long rolling pin is an essential tool for projects like wedding cakes, making it possible to roll the fondant into a large enough circle to cover a large cake The cake is covered in coloured butter cream and the the fondant details added. Note - the batman figurines are mini-figures that I purchased. Thomas the tank engine cake - the face and the number 3 are fondant, the rest is butter cream and licorice. This is a huge black forrest cake with chocolate ganache, covered in fondant Cakes not covered in fondant will keep for a few days but will start to dry out. Once its crumb coated and covered in fondant it seals all the moisture in so it will last for a good week or more. I had a client tell me they cut their cake 3 days after i made it and were still eating it a week later and it was still as good as the first slice Jazz up a simple cake and add an element of fun with this rainbow cake topper tutorial. It's easy, colourful and suitable for all levels of cake decorators. My buddy Cherrie asked if I'd like to make a rainbow cake topper for her little girl Ashley's 3rd birthday cake (1) Roll out white fondant into about 1/2 cm thickness. (2) Using a ruler and a pizza cutter, cut out a strip of fondant 1 inch wide and 16 inches long in the middle of the rolled out fondant to create the headband. Leave both ends of the strip still attached to the larger body of fondant

1.Mix some tylose powder with all the colors and set aside. 2.Cut out the outline of the entire guitar from one the coloring picture. With the other picture, cut out the fret board and white part of body ( Refer to picture) 3. Roll out the base color of fondant to about 1/6th of an inch thick Do not put fondant in the fridge. I wrap several layers of plastic wrap and still put into a zip lock, if you do this, it will last a long time. If you put fondant on a cake, do not put in fridge as well. WIll not be a good result

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How long you need to heat the dough is an important question. Here is my formula for this. Let's say we have 200g. First, remove the last digit. So 200 becomes 20. Then divide 20 by 2. So we have 10. So 10 seconds in the microwave will give you a good start for a 200g portion Among Us Cup Cake Toppers. Before we get too far into the list, I want to remind you that we have some free Among Us Printables that you can download and use for your event. The set includes some cupcake toppers and wrappers. The design includes your favorite crew mates and imposters hanging out among the stars Pls ma,my fondant usually break whenever i want to lift it up to cover my cake,this are my steps(1)disolve gelatine with warm water, pour it into my icing sugar, add C.M.C until its gumy ,add liquid glucose if desire,add little gyceline when kneadling it i use corn flour to stop it sticking on my working table..but after all this it stil harder and cracks,but i wil try this new step, but i wil. - At room temperature! Leave a fondant-covered cake in a cool dry place at room temperature away from open windows or wind. And, if the cake contains perishable frosting, you can also store it in the fridge. How long do fondant cakes keep? The shelf life of a cake depends on the cake recipe as well as the fillings and frostings used

There wasn't a theme to the party so I decided to do cute owls in pink and purple for the cupcake toppers. I don't know why I picked owls, maybe it's a BIRD thing. At the last minute, I wanted to make a fondant cake topper to go with the little owls on the cupcakes. I have never made a 3-D owl before and here's how I put it all together

This gorgeous fondant rainbow is super easy to make and perfect for decorating a rainbow cake with minimum effort! Today I have two blog posts for you - I'm sharing the fun cake I made to celebrate the end of the school year but I also think the fondant rainbow decoration deserves a blog post all to itself - it turned out so pretty and would be beautiful as a stand-alone cake decoration too Jul 26, 2018 - Explore Sharyn Richards's board Fondant : Bows & Feathers, followed by 1077 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about fondant, cake decorating tutorials, cake decorating tips That would be fine as long as its completely covered in sugar paste. I would usually say around 5 days tops uncut but once its cut use it within a day or so and never refrigerate cake. Put it in a cake box in a cool dry place. Add message | Report | See all. bacon Mon 15-Oct-12 14:04:12

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For example, I use tip#1 all the time whether I need it last minute or not. Somethings to cover before we dive into the 3 tips. Fondant decorations can be made in advance by up to a month. However, I would be very careful with them they are very fragile. Fondant does not dry in the refrigerator, it firms up I normally donot use fondant. Buttercream flavor is better. BUT, my daughter got married in June I did her cake with fondant icing. I froze, wrapped, and have in my freezer the top of her wedding cake. In June of 2015, I will see how a fondant cake turns out after being frozen for a year. Will give you an up date then. BETT THE TOPPER WILL BE SHIPPED IN 5-8 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER PURCHASE Your cake topper will be made closer to your date to ensure freshness; and when stored properly (follow instructions below), your item can last up to 6 months as an edible item. Some discoloration can be noticed since colours fade in fondant the longer it waits. >STORAGE BEFORE EVEN Hi! Please can someone help me with this problem!! Today had to cover a cake with fondant, 1st i crumb coated with butter cream, than I put it in the fridge for about 10mns(I always do that), I rolled my fondant, as soon as I wanted to spread it on my cake, it started to crack, and became too humid, as if i applied it on water, it was a disaster, had to cover all the cracks with flowers, but.

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All you need to do to achieve this look is to get a cake (store-bought, bakery, cake mix or homemade will do), frost the top with chocolate buttercream for the dirt and cover the sides with kit kat bars. Using a large cake board is recommended to make room for all the candy rubble is pushing. Continue Reading Christian Dior Edible Image Cake Topper. $ 18.00 Add to cart. Gucci Edible Image Cake Topper. $ 15.00 Add to cart. Louis Vuitton Edible Images Cake Topper. $ 15.00 Add to cart. Watercolor Precut Safari Animals Edible Images Cake Topper, Giraffe, Monkey, Lion, Zebra edible images. $ 15.00 Add to cart. Unicorn Cake This handmade edible snowboard fondant cake topper kit includes everything you need for a great snowboard cake! Included in your snowboard cake kit, you will receive: 1 snowboarder on a snowboard. 1 wood sign with age. 3 snow piles. 1 name up to 10 letters. Optional Add On-3 fondant trees. All items are handmade of fondant

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SKU: BES-02-CC. AVAILABILITY: In stock (959 items) PRODUCT TYPE: Bespoke. VENDOR: Candle & Cake Ltd. Take your celebration cake to the next level! Select your own colours and create your dream Bunch Of Balloons cake topper. Each topper kit will come with 10 mini 5 balloons, with a coloured straw and crafting wire Step 2: Wrap The Stems. Cut a piece of floral tape that's about 2-3 inches long. Wrap the tape around the stem, focusing on covering the majority of the stem and where it's been pruned. The goal here is to create a barrier between the cake and the stem, especially the bottom of the stem, and prevent it from leaking flower secretion (ok yes. Whisk together egg whites and powdered sugar. Add the butter in chunks and whip until fully combined. Add salt, vanilla extract, and food coloring. Continue to whip until the mixture is light and shiny. Spread all over your box cake Begin mixing on low speed. Add in 1⁄2 to 3⁄4 of the powdered sugar until a thick paste forms. Let mix until smooth. Add color at this point. 7. Add in one more cup of powdered sugar to get the paste pulling away from the bowl. 8. Heat the commercial fondant for 30 to 40 seconds in microwave on high, until soft. 9

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2. Roll out the color of fondant you plan to use for the hat. 3. and 4. Cut fondant into strips about 3/4 inches wide and 3 3/4 inches long. 5. Roll up a strip of fondant to create a ring (overlapping slightly). Use a teeny, tiny bit of water or corn syrup to help the ends stay together. Set aside to dry Last updated 10/2017 English English [Auto] Add to cart. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Share. In this Sugar craft online course, I teach you how to make a fondant cake topper of Princess POPPY from the new movie TROLLS. With this easy to do tutorial you can master making all sorts of TROLLS using Fondant icing Fondant baby shower cake topper includes: 1 Fondant baby in sleep sac 5'' in diameter FAQ Please read prior to purchase. Thanks! :~) ~PLEASE allow 5-10 business days for your item to be made and shipped. ~All of our babies are all 2 1/2'' and depending on the outfits such as baptismal gowns reach about 4'' long. ~

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