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We are the Northern Independence Party - NIP for short - and this is our case for a new nation beyond the Humber. Locating the North It begins, as you might expect, with the North-South divide - a divide most Northerners recognise even if not everyone understands how deep its history runs Now, a new political movement, the Northern Independence party (NIP), has started to make the case that the north can and should be a place of radical potential rather than a reactionary backwater In 2020 a new party, the Northern Independence Party (NIP) was formed on making the North of England independent of the South, much like the SNP seeks an independent Scotland. The NIP was formed in order to contest the 2024 general election , [21] its goal being to establish an independent country in the North of England, based on historic. The Northern Independence Party is a democratic socialist party, who are committed to uplifting the voices of our members. We were founded in 2020 to combat the injustice of the north/south divide. We stand opposed to all forms of ideology based on hatred and bigotry

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The Northern Independence Party was started in October 2020 by a group of Northerners who'd had enough of being let down by Westminster. The (interim) team. Elections for committee positions will be held after the local and by-elections in May — Election Maps UK (@ElectionMapsUK) April 8, 2021 The Northern Independence Party was started as a joke on Twitter, but it became increasingly serious about its political ambitions as it gained. A free Northumbria and fairer North for all: the Northern Independence Party commences its journey We have been charting the rise of regional English autonomy at A/UK for quite a while - see the many contributions from the Same Skies Collective , and our mapping of Yorkshire radicalism (whether party-political, localist or otherwise) The Northern Independence Party's leader, Philip Proudfoot, is adamant it means business - even if it only has 230 volunteers signed up so far. This region is the most impoverished in.

Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps Thankfully, a whole new comedy of errors has now arrived in the form of the recently launched Northern Independence party. In its bid to break the mould of British politics, the party has. A statelet, unviable economically and politically. The map the Northern Independence Party shows has a border based on the ancient Danish kingdom of 'Northumbria', embracing Cheshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Durham, Northumberland, Cumbria and all the metropolitan counties they contain. All kinds of geographical anomalies arise from this.

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Concerning the Northern Independence Party, Ipswich barmy Bolshevik Blogger Andy Coates has done a couple of excellent posts holding them in derision. His latest is here. Before we get on to the stupidness of it, It needs to be mentioned as Comrade Coates pointed out that it has spawned some equally if not more sa The Northern Independence Party. Philip Proudfoot. This article was originally published here. The so-called United Kingdom is on the verge of collapse. The Republic of Ireland led the way; the next break is only a matter of time. It could be Scottish independence or Irish reunification - only time will tell — Northern Independence Party (@FreeNorthNow) April 8, 2021 Still, at least it managed to file its excuses on time. According to the party, led by an international development lecturer.

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The Northern Independence Party is very small; it only gained 0.8% of the vote in the 2021 Hartlepool by-election (just two more votes than a sex offender who, yes, can stand to be an MP). Therefore, it is fairly easy to say that it and its movement will not gain traction any time soon Leaders of the newly-formed Northern Independence Party (NIP) argue that their candidate is the only left wing vote in the upcoming by-election, as the Tories are now more progressive than.

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  2. Former Labour MP Thelma Walker is standing for the Northern Independence Party Another former Labour MP contesting the seat for another party is Thelma Walker. She was the representative for Colne.
  3. ster by-election in Hartlepool. And while it might seem unlikely a secessionist socialist party bent on holding a referendum for northern.
  4. — Northern Independence Party (@FreeNorthNow) November 6, 2020 No devolution here, just independence and a similar point to where we started with map 1 and Northumbria
  5. The largest group was the Northern Independence Militia (NIM), a separatist group that sought independence for the north of England and the creation of a new, Marxist-Leninist state called Northumbria. On 3rd August 1982, the British Revolution officially began when key buildings in Manchester were occupied by the NIM
  6. The Northern Independence Party is a new political party. Follow them on Twitter at @FreeNorthNow Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. You can't just shit out some lines on a map and say everyone inside these lines shares a culture that the people outside the lines don't. (Mark Sykes and François Georges-Picot tried that.
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The Northern Independence Party (NIP) was founded in late 2020 by ex-Labour activist Philip Proudfoot, and unlike other frequently non-ideological regional parties, the party openly advocates for socialism. The NIP's rise from obscurity was boosted by two major developments. The first was the rise of the party's combative twitter account. Does north Derbyshire count as the north to the NIP? Also, the anthem should be Jerusalem and anyone who disagrees is just wrong. they did a boundary map of old northumbria the other day that somehow included northamptonshire, which is a reach im Hi, I'm Marc Sutton, press officer for the Northern Independence Party and I am here to answer your questions about us! We are determined to put an end to the well-defined and centuries old North/South divide, breaking free from the Westminster establishment's hegemony over the lives of Northern people Map of Mercia. What is Independent Mercia? Mercia is a lawfully self-governing region of England, which was independent for over 500 years before it was destroyed by the Norman Conquest. We are aiming to re-establish its independence The new Northern Independence Party demanding independence for the North of England hope to gain the seat. In a statement the party said: The Northern Independence Party plans to stand a.

Northern Independence Party - A party that supports northern England becoming an independent country. English Democrats - An England-only party that promotes federalism, conservatism and the separation of England from Scotland and Wales heapevents.info presents sorted news on 2021-05-28. Here is last information associated with organization - united kingdom independence party, it consists of 36 article A registered political party can apply to be registered on the Great Britain (GB) register, the Northern Ireland (NI) register, or both registers. Parties on the GB register also select which parts of GB they want to be registered in. Parties can choose a combination of England, Scotland and Wales. Registering a minor party The referendum proved to be a moment of structural realignment in Scottish politics: pro-independence voters, many of whom had previously been Labour supporters, subsequently voted SNP, giving the party comfortable victories at the 2015 general election and then the 2016 Scottish Parliament election Is the Northern Independence party more serious than it looks? For all its electoral shortcomings, the rise of an alternative leftwing party may signal a realignment in British politics, says.

According to the Northern Independence Party website, Northumbria's economy is roughly the size of Sweden with a Gross Domestic Product slightly smaller than Japan. Under the A Fairer North chapter, it shows how gross value across the UK is unequal. A map shows the gap in gross value between Slough and Dundee The English are more likely to believe this than are, say, voters in Wales, but it is also true that Scotland is in England's sights in a way that no other part of the union is. Take, for example, attitudes to spending in Northern Ireland, where between 30 and 40% of English voters profess not to have an opinion at all Re: Northern Independence Party « Reply #177 on: March 29, 2021, 07:07:17 PM » (Not because I think London could or should be independent of course, but would just like an operation like this to vote for, hitting local centrist Labour zombies where it could hurt, threatening their gravy train List of current applications. We publish names, descriptions and emblems which we are currently considering as part of our assessment process. Political parties can't use these names, descriptions and emblems on a ballot paper until we have approved them. However, a party can use these names, descriptions and emblems in other materials before. Meanwhile the Northern Independence Party selected former Labour MP Thelma Walker as its candidate. She is the ex-member for Colne Valley - who lost her seat in 2019

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THE North must break away from England and become independent, a new political party's leader has said. County Durham man Phillip Proudfoot, founder and leader of the newly-formed Northern. The Northumbrian Nationalist Party. 1TrueNorth Posts: 4,001. Forum Member. . 20/05/11 - 21:08. in Politics. #1. Im seriously thinking about starting this what should our policies be ? I think we should be offering our neighbours a refferendum asking if theyed like to join Northumbria in a border extension

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Northern Independence Party @FreeNorthNow A new political party demanding independence for the North of England | We're not English, we are Northumbrian | press@freethenorth.co.uk In the north of England, after the unlikely rebellion from Manchester's mayor, Andy Burnham, over pandemic funding, a new party, the Northern Independence Party, has sprung up demanding an end. The Modern Devolution Movement. In 2014. the people within the North of England indicated in a survey by the BBC that there was a greater wish for devolution of some powers at least. The survey indicated that 85% of people in the North wanted control of policing, taxation and education handed over to the region There is also a percieved. List of electoral districts. 338 Home . 338 Sitemap Canada Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Newfoundland & Labrador Nova Scotia Ontario Quebec Saskatchewan Montreal 2021. 338 Alberta. 338 Blog. Alberta districts . All 87 districts Calgary Edmonton Northern Alberta Central Alberta Southern Alberta. Parties The Northern Independence Party is quite a bit more expansionist than I thought. Supposedly it is based on a 1405 agreement with a Percy, though why that is the endpoint for national identity who knows

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  1. David Beever, from the Northern Independence Party, said counties should join up to provide unity from strength. BCC founder Pam Moorhouse, opening the launch, said the change of counties was so unfair. The government, the council and the media must stop ignoring people who want traditional counties back now, she said
  2. — Election Maps UK (@ElectionMapsUK) May 4, 2021 [ READ MORE: Northern Independence Party: 'It's time' to break away following UK government's handling of coronavirus pandemic ] Losing Hartlepool would, of course, be a massive blow to Starmer's leadership
  3. Twelfth episode of Revolutionary Despatches with Katherine Wright and David Brian. Recorded 8th November 2020. Released 11th November 2020. In this episode, we discuss: - [00:00:38] The results and fallout of the US General Election - [00:53:23] What the US election means for Brexit and the UK - [01:03:29] Extension of furlough and longer-term effects of Covid Theme music is 'Autoantagonist.
  4. Thelma Walker, who was elected to represent the Colne Valley in 2017, will be one of three ex-Labour MPs on the ballot and is running as a candidate for the Northern Independence party (NIP)
  5. Keir Starmer just wiped Scottish Labour off the map. There are already small political parties advocating Northern Independence. They have a leftwing agenda. Starmer took over a party that.
  6. Well I've read it, and I got the impression that it had been written by somebody who wasn't serious or by somebody hellbent on power. The manifesto is promise not provide. They spoke of spending; how are they going to pay? They spoke of policies f..

Welcome to 338Canada Alberta! The 338Canada project is a statistical model of electoral projections based on opinion polls, electoral history of Canadian provinces and demographic data. This web site is the creation of P.J. Fournier, astronomy and physics professor at Cégep de Saint-Laurent in Montréal. P.J. Fournier is a political. #4 Lee's Chapel Church and Masonic Hall National Register of Historic Places Updated: 2020-02-24 Lees Chapel Church and Masonic Hall is a historic Masonic building in rural northern Independence County, Arkansas. It is located on Sandtown Road, about 8 mi east of Cushman. It is a two-story gable-roofed structure, built out of concrete blocks resting on a poured concrete foundation Even the Northern Independence Party — as in, independence for the North of England — weighed in, chiding that the Corden addition would be appealing to someone with a brain parasite.

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  1. 2010 S Northern Blvd, Independence, MO 64052 is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 864 sqft single-family home built in 1950. 2010 S Northern Blvd is located in Hill Park, Independence. This property is not currently available for sale. The current Trulia Estimate for 2010 S Northern Blvd is $95,948. Sold
  2. I think Scottish independence would result in a very different political landscape in England too, I'm sure you'd see a Northern independence party, Southern independence party etc. which is probably what the establishment are actually trying to avoid by dismissing Scotlands requests. The Tory vote would be diluted by new parties imo
  3. Northern Independence is really a fringe party that plays on a fear of cultural extinction among English-speaking whites, and some of its leaders have even suggested unifying the area with Canada (which borders Louisiana to the north) or Dana (to the west). They're essentially the English Speakers' party with a more separatist angle

The Northern League under Umberto Bossi, during the 1990s and early 2000s, was a strictly regional party, arguing for autonomy of northern provinces. The original Northern League villainized Rome as a totalitarian government taking from the successful north and giving to the less successful southerners Between 2013 and 2019 it rose by 9%, three times faster than the national average, and it is still rising. Unfortunately, the most vocal local Socialists — the Northern Independence Party — want a referendum on secession from the United Kingdom, will call their state Northumbria, and are not granting interviews to me National Education Union, Jacinda Ardern, Jewish Voice for Labour, Historical Snapshots, Political Education Project, Conrad McDuck, New Years II, ClairesCaravan, Robert Emmet 1916 Society Lisnaskea, Wansbeck Labour Women's Section, Strike Map UK, Communist Party, Nederlandse Vereniging, Rebecca Wilczek for Bedlington East, Tynemouth Seal. Elections in Scotland, due in May, are likely to deliver a landslide for the Scottish National Party. This, in turn, will set off intensive lobbying for a new referendum on independence

High quality Northern Ireland Independence inspired Mini Skirts by independent artists and designers from around the world. Available in a variety of sizes, mini skirts on Redbubble are slinky and stretchy with full prints across both the front and back. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Adam Holland Motor Company. 1130 Cowan Rd Gulfport, MS 39507 Map & Directions https://www.228-cars.com. Sales: (228) 456-4724. Today 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Closed Now) Show business hours. Inventory; Sales Reviews New Search. Filter Results New / Used. Jill Mortimer is the Tory candidate who scooped the win for the party at the Hartlepool by-election. The North Yorkshire councillor and farmer, who lives near Thirsk, is the first woman to hold the seat. After being revealed as the new Hartlepool MP on Friday, May 7, she said: People have made it clear, it's time for change Unless the English can find ways to regain Scottish affections, or at least trust, the northern independence movement will be hard to stop. The third Celtic region of the U.K., the Principality of Wales, has a population of something over three million, and 8,200 square miles of land area, making it a quarter the size of Scotland

Northern Independence Party. stumpyjon. There is a well established Independence Party for the north. It's called the Yorkshire Party. Freedom for Yorkshire and it better be cheap This new Northern Independence Party is gaining a lot of traction. Just for fun, if they got their way and the North gained independence, who would make the national football team? This is their proposed boundary, with the orange seats being maybes. I'll start with the Bury Baggio at left back The former Labour MP for Colne Valley, who will be the Northern Independence Party's first Parliamentary election candidate, aims to help end the north south economic divide and to reject. Thelma Walker, the Labour MP for Colne Valley from 2017 to 2019, is standing as an independent candidate with the support of the Northern Independence Party, which I would like to describe as a serious regionalist movement but whose conduct of the campaign has been rather too trollish to justify the adjective serious The Northern Independence Party is not officially standing candidates at this election - it failed to register as a political party in time - but it is endorsing three independents in Sefton

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The Northern Independence Party is currently looking to formally establish itself, and hopes to run candidates in some constituencies at the next opportunity, likely to be during local elections. Admistrative Regulation for Recently Enacted Legislation. Find results for the most recent election or dive into the archives to find results from elections decades ago. Join the team of more than 15,000 Kentuckians who help conduct the Commonwealth's elections. Learn more about becoming a Precinct Election Official

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New California State is a new state in development forming from the State of California. New California State is exercising its God Given Rights as declared in the 1776 United States Declaration of Independence and as ratified in the 1789 United States Constitution under Article IV Section 3. Conference Call. New California Can Happen The Northern Independence Party The Yorkshire Post's Westminster Correspondent Geri Scott speaks to former Colne Valley MP Thelma Walker, who is standing in the Hartlepool by-election as a member of Northern Independence Party

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The petition's success comes after an election in which Scotland was swept by an SNP positioning itself to the left of the Labour party, a stance apparently appealing to many northern cities 14. Thelma Walker (Northern Independence Party) The former Labour MP for Colne Valley, who will be the Northern Independence Party's first Parliamentary election candidate, aims to help end the.

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These are third party technologies used for things like interest based Etsy ads. Northern Independence Fist and Whippet Mug with Colour Inside RedSquareRed $ 18.01. Add to Favorites North East Map - County Map of North East England - Art Print Watercolor Illustration Wall Art Home Decor Gift - NATURE PRINT. The Northern Independence Party seems to be intended to try and persuade those who live in the uncultivated wasteland beyond High Barnet that Jeremy Corbyn's policies are just what they want, if they weren't so stupid (and spending all their time flying their ferrets or whatever it is they do once they get back from mining tripe) Instead, they are sticking with the Tories' bread-and-butter conservatism, or plumping for a new anti-establishment outfit, the left-populist Northern Independence Party

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Elections in Scotland, due in May, are likely to deliver a landslide for the Scottish Nationalist Party. This, in turn, will set off intensive lobbying for a new referendum on independence. Meanwhile, many of the people of Northern Ireland find life lonely and frustrating, trapped in a forest of red tape between an Irish Republic that still. All your 'Northern' Party would do is split the Labour / hard left / hard left nutter vote. b) a South East Party which is right of centre but left of Tory to split their vote and pick up UKIP voters There already is a South East Party - it's called the Conservative Party The Old North Divided Part 1: Balkanised Britain and The Eclipse of Empire. When the Roman Empire's rule over Britain collapsed in the fifth century, a wave of regionalisation, petty dictatorships, and fragmentation occurred. The Roman way of life, with its universal politico-cultural project - known as Romanitas - warped and disintegrated

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Northern Independence Party pin button badge - size equates to 25mm / 1 inch in diameter - only £0.99p with FREE Royal Mail Delivery. All badges are manufactured inhouse using UK components with plastic back and metal pin. The badge comes brand new and enclosed in folded white wrapping Another England is possible: a Northern response to 'The English Question'. Paul Salveson, Hannah Mitchell Foundation. This paper argues that the quest for a 'progressive English' politics that doesn't recognise the nation's regional diversity is a dead-end. It makes the case for an 'England of the Regions' with a new democratic. Euronews reported that the party even hung a Catalan flag outside its headquarters recently in support of the Spanish separatist region. The unlikely unions of French-speaking and Flemish-speaking regions date back to 1830 when northern regions of Belgium won independence from the Netherlands. A look at a map of the world from 1850, or. 21200 E Truman Rd. , Independence, MO. They usually have ammo you can purchase, except they seem to be pretty low on 22 ammo, so better bring your own if that's what you're shooting. In 2 reviews. 3

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