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/ping IP PORT - This command gets the status of an minecraft server. /java - This command gets the status of the saved java server. /bedrock - This command gets the status of the saved bedrock server. /help - This command writes all usable commands and examples to them The best stable status bot on Discord, now with Live Displays. Owner: Doze42 #4889 Prefix: m/. The Minecraft Server Status bot can display information on both Bedrock and Java Minecraft servers in an easy to use and streamlined manner. Minecraft Server Status is full of useful features and no filler: -Use the Live Status panel to send one. Simple Minecraft server status bot command with Discord.js -- add me on Discord! vegeta897#7777 - mc-status-bot.j Connect your server to the bot by using the setup command and entering your server's IP address and port. Your server will be stored, and the status can be viewed with the status command by anyone. Only server administrators can edit server information or run the setup command Minecraft Server Status How to Use? Invite the bot to your server; Run the command .setup; Write the server ip; Now you can use .status to see the currently server status in realtime! Commands:.help | View more information and support. (Everyone).status | Shows your linked server status. (Everyone).setup | To start the configuration.

A bot that tells you the status of any server with commands. Also, gives you hypixel player stats! For example, mclist smp.pekay.tk gives you the list of the players of smp.pekay.tk. If you don't put input, it will automatically do smp.pekay.tk as the server

Command Description &status: Checks the status of Mojang servers. &sales: Looks up the sale statistics. &codes: Lists the available chat codes. &color <color> Look up a color. &server <address>[:port] Fetches the stats of a Minecraft server. &shadow <seed> Gets the shadow of a seed. &sha1 <text> Computes the sha1 hash of some text. &item <item. About. MCStatus is a Discord Bot used by over 50,000 unique users that allows you to check the status of your favourite Minecraft related services. Without having to leave Discord, you can now easily check the status of the official Mojang servers to see if that's the reason you can't log onto your favourite server Commands While the bot's main purpose is to display a Minecraft server's status in the Discord member list, it also comes with a few useful commands. For example, the ;server command shows a message containing detailed info about the current Minecraft server. You can view the full command list here Add MC Server Status. Upvote MC Server Status. Check the status of a Minecraft server while in discord! The bot also has a host of other fun features! --- mc help discord.js Website Source Code Invite this Bot Support Server Minecraft Server Status Bot is a Discord Bot Which Gives You Status Of Your Minecraft Server

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  1. Check whether server is running slow and requires a restart Use the libtmux library to enable communications between the python script and the currently running tmux session. After that is established: Enable sending restart commands from discord bot
  2. MCPinger. Ping any Minecraft Server. MCPinger is used to view the status of any Minecraft server. It shows the MOTD, player count, version and software. You may also view any Minecraft user's skin or UUID, create custom advancements and track the status of a server. Take a look at the commands below
  3. On the application's page, go to the Bot tab, click Add Bot, and confirm Optional: set your bot's avatar. If you don't do it now, you can later by command. Enable the SERVER MEMBERS INTENT option under Privileged Gateway Intents on the bot tab as wel
  4. Minecraft Server Status Bot is a Discord Bot Which Gives You Status Of Your Minecraft Server . 1 vote this month. 1 review

Minecraft Server Status - Discord Bot

Useless Bot Commands. Help Weather Music Joke Meme Economy Other. Help Commands. Where Useless Bot gives you information on a minecraft server hub word . Where Useless Bot teaches you new words Where you can check Useless Bot status hub time . Where you can check the tim Minecraft info is a Discord bot written 100% in Node.js Please note: information like the bot's token has been removed. Start the program for the first time to generate a.env file and insert your token in it or set the DISCORD_TOKEN variable in your environmen The bot should connect and begin polling the server. Default Commands /help (aliases: /commands, /list, /bot) - List the other commands /status (aliases: /server, /online) - Manually poll the Minecraft server whose IP address and port are listed in config.json, returning the server's version and a list of any online players /crash - Stop th Hey Guys! Welcome to another Discord.js Bot Tutorial! ForGamers Minecraft Hosting Discord: https://discord.gg/KAF5RwXCodevision: https://discord.gg/7dsFcYFOf..

A Minecraft bot for Discord with lots of commands such as player skins, name history, mojang status, server ping, quiz. ONLINE Listed since Invalid Date (1009 days ago Server Stat has many features for Minecraft server discords. It's main focus being that it allows you to get the status of any Minecraft server, Java or Bedrock, giving you as much information about the server as possible. It also allows you to setup and connect a server specifically to your discord so you can view the player list, plugins. How to make a minecraft discord bot using discord.js. In this video, we go over how to code your own minecraft discord bot. You can use this for your own min..

Simple Minecraft server status bot command with Discord

  1. MCPinger is a Discord bot, used to view the status of any Minecraft server. It shows the MOTD, player count, version, software and icon. You may also view any Minecraft user's skin or UUID, create custom advancements and track the status of a server. Customize settings to visualise the ping embed to your likings. Commands
  2. Minecraft Server Status is a Discord bot that can ping both Java and Bedrock Edition Minecraft servers. Get information about the status of your favorite servers with a simple command. Easy to use commands. Change the bot's prefix in your guild m/ save prefix [your prefix
  3. Minecraft Server Status. Prefix : - [1] Default -> [.] Invite Me To Your Discord Server And Enjoy . Add Minecraft Server Status To Your Server and Enjoy All Commands
  4. MCStatusBot is a premium Discord.JS bot designed to allow users to display the status of a Minecraft Server within their Discord guild. It will poll data from the configured server address at user-defined intervals and will generate a RichEmbed message using the configured preferences

Ping any Minecraft Server. MCPinger is used to view the status of any Minecraft server. It shows the MOTD, player count, version and software. You may also view any Minecraft user's skin or UUID, create custom advancements and track the status of a server. Take a look at the commands below: Commands View ALL commands on mcpinger.wouterk12.co Utility | Advanced Commands! - And more ready to be added! Why should I add? Well, we surely do want your server to be looking neat, and i could help you out! Whats the point of this bot? 1, We have daily updates; 2, We provide neat and useful commands; 3, And artifical intelligence through out the bots process


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  1. The most powerful, configurable, open-source Discord to Minecraft bridging plugin available. Yes: it's completely compatible with 1.17.x. Direct link to the latest dev build. DiscordSRV's Discord server - come here for quick support and to tell us feature requests. Source at GitHub
  2. dme <list/cancel/time> [id/re
  3. Creating the Discord Bot. Creating our Minecraft commands. 1. Configuring our Minecraft server settings: We also add a new status() method that allows us to query our server status using the.
  4. I don't know about other API wrappers, but discord.py has built-in ability to use commands in your code, not just doing shit with messages. Interface like in Minecraft 1.13 would be good (Mojang made the Brigadier library open-source, but it's on Java, not JS).Discord has built-in interface like this, but only for built-in Clyde commands.
  5. The Hive Tools Discord Bot provides easy access to Hive player statistics & leaderboards within your Discord server. Invite Bot. Command Description /about: General information about the Discord bot /info: Get Discord bot statistics Hive Tools is not affiliated with Hive Games or Minecraft in any way

Unlink your Discord from your Minecraft account-unlink: N/A-write: Generate text in the Minecraft font-write &eOwO: N/A-ping: Displays the latency, uptime and server/user count of the bot-ping: N/A-invite: Displays the link to invite the bot to your server-invite: N/A-support: Displays the link to the official support server-support: N/ Commands must be prefixed by either /craftpresence or /cp. In v1.5.0 and above, these commands are only usable via the Commands Gui, found within the Config Gui. /cp view - Help command to display the commands available to view and control a variety of display data. /cp reload - Reloads mod data (In v1.4.8 and Above, this forces a Tick Event. Oogie Boogie Bot can monitor activity, manage your server with also fun commands. View Invite. Minecraft Server Status . Minecraft Server Status Bot is a Discord Bot Which Gives You Status Of Your Minecraft Server . View Invite. YanZ . YanZ A Fun Bot For Your Server Needs. View Invite. Website Manager DiscordPAPIStats is a plugin to allow you to show your players stats on your Discord server using PlaceholderAPI placeholders. On the application's page, go to the Bot tab, click Add Bot, and confirm. Enable the SERVER MEMBERS INTENT option under Privileged Gateway Intents on the bot tab as well. Stop your server, and install the plugin then.

Game time tracking (per server/user) Game statistics: Apex (experimental) Minecraft (server status) SpamLevel (counting messages sent by users + levels system) Customizable (enable/disable any command on a server) Commands. You can check all of the available commands on wiki or by accessing <help command after inviting her. Using Alice bot On the discord server for my minecraft server I have one channel with a 2 min cool down for only status checks. In all other channels I remove the permissions for the bot. The 2 min delay stops players from spamming the bot

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Felixxy is a Discord bot for moderation . We and selected partners, use cookies or similar technologies as specified in th Discord statusbot 4.2-BungeeCord. Discord statusbot. 4.2-BungeeCord. A discord bot, that will come online when your Minecraft server is online, and more! To configure the spigot version of the plugin, go here. To configure the BungeeCord version of the plugin, go here. Go to the version history tab, and download the edition/version you need # This is so you can sync a discord bot to your minecraft server (chat from in-game or from discord) Discord: ENABLED: false # Supported Activities: DEFAULT, PLAYING, WATCHING, LISTENING, STREAMING, COMPETING ACTIVITY-TYPE: WATCHING # This is the Activity/Custom Status message ACTIVITY: staffchat # Do you want an embed or a normal message you can play music with different filters for the audio from spotify or youtube, ban command, csgo statistics, a little . View Invite. VLD Bot. Minecraft Server Status Bot is a Discord Bot Which Gives You Status Of Your Minecraft Server . View Invite. Yrda. ONLINE. Minecraft,fun and moderation bot. View Invite

MCStatus - Discord Bot

Connect your Minecraft server to Discord. Easy installation and easy to use. Features: Discord role sync. Fully adjustable rewards. Show the server joins and quits on your discord server. Transfer game chat to discord server. Configure the status of your discord bot. Send console commands in your discord server. /console /command MinecraftBE server status in a command. Commands help. So i have got my own minecraft bedrock server and i want to let members always know if the server is online or what's the server online without using any other bot... Is it possible to be done? 4 comments. share. save You can setup the bot with only one command 's/setup' or '@ServerStats setup', this command will add all the default counters to your server and you can add more after the setup. If you need any help just join the support discord and we will help you out. All counters created by the bot are easy to customize (you don't even need a command. A discord.py cog for pinging any Minecraft server be it Bedrock Edition or Java Edition. Raw. mc_ping_commands.py. import aiohttp. import asyncio. import concurrent. futures. import socket. from functools import partial. from mcstatus import MinecraftServer

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The most advanced Minecraft bot for Discord. Server tracking is a feature that allows you to configure Crafty to track a Minecraft multiplayer server and update a channels topic, voice channel name and message with information about the server such as, online player count, server description and more Intro. Minecordbot is a plugin for Bukkit-based Minecraft servers (Spigot, CraftBukkit, etc.), and Discord. It allows Discord and Minecraft users to communicate with each other. It also allows logging commands, private chats and more on your Discord server. Users with the proper access can also send commands to the Minecraft server from Discord Link your Discord and SMITE accounts. Thoth Account Linking will link your Discord and SMITE account in our database which will allow executing commands without providing InGameName. Commands using this feature are: !!stats, !!livematch, !!matchdetails, !!matchhistory!!status: Checks the status page for the status of Smite servers LIST OF BASIC SERVER STATS COMMANDS IN DISCORD. The Server Stats bot has a total of 28 commands to offer (this number depends on the plan you choose). The commands of Server Stats are executed by attaching the prefix 's/' before the command. You can also see a list of all the commands by typing s/help in the chat

Hey! Looking for a discord music bot that doesn't require you to pay for good quality music? Well you are in luck! God's Groove is a discord music bot that offers 100% free music! It also has moderation commands, fun commands, roleplay commands, and much much more! Make sure you keep an eye out for the easter egg commands Command Description Usage; Invite: Invite the bot to your Discord server. /invite: License Info: Info about the license which Obsidion is released under. /licenseinfo: Info: Display info about the bot. /info: Source: Displays my full source code or for a specific command. To display the source code of a subcommand you can separate it by periods. The Statsify Development Team made this Bot to fill the void of the old Hypixel Bot made by Ice. However we realized we could provide a more unique experience with more features! Statsify is currently in over 30,000 Servers and is in Many Top Guild Discords and YouTuber's servers. Features A full command list can be found here mc-status-bot . A simple Discord bot that displays the status and player count of a Minecraft server in the sidebar. If you have any issues, join the support server on Discord. Features At a glance status display; no need to boot up Minecraft to see who's online! Support for both Java and Bedrock servers. Real-time Minecraft server status My bot has a poll command which generates a poll from the provided options and reacts with them (example if anyone is interested).The problem here is that when there are multiple polls to react to, it won't react to the other one until it is done with the first one, and I don't want that

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Hello, I was coding a bot for a friend of mine, and I stumbled on an error, if I do -bedrock I won't get a response from the bot... (of course, my bedrock.js is in a commands folder, also the modules are correctly installed, due to -status working Link a minecraft and discord server in 2 commands. DiscordBridge is a Bukkit (Minecraft) plugin and Discord Bot to build a complex bridge between a Discord server and several Minecraft servers. DiscordBridge is easy to configure, but also features complex configuration options to easily allow or disallow certain commands on a per-server basis

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So basically, im making an discord bot for an minecraft server, and i want it to have an live minecraft server status. So that means i dont want it to say the status of the server every time i type an specific command, but i want it to say the server status and update that message every 15 seconds discord. this template is perfect for creating your own discord server that has a great level roles system along with channels for staff. /template load name_or_id: 5f4d598d35c4086f8019bb0b. Invite Bot. Unknown User. # 0000 Plugin category: Bots (i think?) Minecraft version: 1.8 Suggested name: WhitelistBot What I want: I would Like to have a Discord bot, where everyone can use the Channel #Whitelist and use !whitelist <IGN> to whitelist him to my Server. Ideas for commands: not needed i think? Ideas for permissions: not needed i think? When I'd like it by: as soon as possible, but because it doesnt sounds that.

Bot Tags. RandNon is currently in the queue. You can view its position here . From coinflips to random phrases, this bot can provide your random and useful needs. With a uselful help page it's very easy to use, there are also some easter eggs within the bot's functionality and they are fun, I promise. It also includes some useful commands. GiveawayBot. ONLINE. 17,257 Servers. Easily manage your servers giveaways with GiveawayBot. View Invite. LuckUp. OFFLINE. Luckup is a discord bot that is focused on economy and gambling systems, created with the discord.js library. View Invite Find the right instructor for you. Choose from many topics, skill levels, and languages. Join millions of learners from around the world already learning on Udemy Simple Minecraft server status bot with presence in Discord.js -- add me on Discord! vegeta897#7777 - mc-server-presence.j Used to generate a Minecraft head (from the username) you entered through text. Usage: .mcavatar {text | (MC-Username}.mcping. Used to ping a specific Minecraft server Usage: .ping {text | (Minecraft Server) }.minecraftify. Used to generate you or your mentioned person's avatar on a steve skin through a biome that is dependent on your.

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Minecord. A lightweight but powerful Minecraft Discord bot. Featuring recipe lookup, server pings, name history, skin renders, and more! GitHub Invite Now Commands The bot command system has been redesigned and is now a clone of the existing EQEmu command system.. Instead of using the old operator and command tokens #bot command, use the new operator with the new command tokens (i.e., ^command).. A redirect has also been added to the server command interpreter that will allow the use of #bot command..but, only the new command tokens may be used Custom Command Bot is a easy to use Discord-Bot. Create Custom Commands with our language (dbd.js) and set a trigger and do actions like give someone a Role Bot Designer For Discord Scripts Search. Search scripts Home; Wiki; Cosmo; Posts. Magik Command Script on October 11, 2020 basic fun magik + 0 Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps; Countries Covid Status Command Script on October 11, 2020 basic corona covid covid-19 world + 0 Get link; Facebook; MineCraft Server Status.

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Music Commands. The additional music bots have a prefix attached to the following commands (prefix!command) Forces the bot to join or move to a channel. Starts playing the next music in queue. Joins a channel if not already in one. Enqueues media and play from the url or the closest matching search result. Joins a channel if not already in one Link your Minecraft chat with your Discord Want to link your Minecraft server with your Discord server?You found the right mod! Minecraft2Discord is a highly configurable and server side only mod to integrate discord in your server.This integration allow you to send every Minecraft chat as discord message and every discord message as Minecraft chat Make your bot go to any location automatically. chest. Use chests, furnaces, dispensers, enchantment tables. digger. Learn how to create a simple bot that is capable of digging the block. discord. Connect a discord bot with a mineflayer bot. jumper. Learn how to move, jump, ride vehicles, attack nearby entities Commands: femdom classic ngif erofeet erok poke les hololewd lewdk keta feetg nsfw_neko_gif eroyuri kiss kuni tits pussy_jpg cum_jpg pussy lewdkemo slap lewd cum cuddle spank avatar fox_girl nsfw_avatar hug gecg boobs pat feet smug kemonomimi solog holo wallpaper bj yuri trap anal baka blowjob holoero feed neko gasm hentai futanari ero solo waifu pwankg erom erokem I have a bot that works in a discord server for a minecraft server. I want to make one of the bot's command to ping the minecraft server to check if it is up (or even get stats like number of players). Does anybody know of a way to ping a mc server and even get stats from said server

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You can find a list of Rythm's commands here.!settings - Use the command format !settings <option> to view more info about an option.More Info. Alias: setting List of options: prefix - Changes Rythm's prefix.; announcesongs - Allows the bot to announce every new song playing.; preventduplicates - Prevents users from adding songs to the queue that are already in the queue A command must always have at least one parameter, ctx, which is the Context as the first one. There are two ways of registering a command. The first one is by using Bot.command() decorator, as seen in the example above. The second is using the command() decorator followed by Bot.add_command() on the instance.. Essentially, these two are equivalent Features: Send chat messages from discord to minecraft and back. /discord command which sends an invite url to the sender. Webhook mode. Commands. Server crash detection (might not always work!, forge only) Player timeout detection (might not always work!, forge only) Death and advancement messages. API for mod developers to send messages and. Miso Bot Discord bot with too many features Add to your server . 0. Servers. 0. Unique users. 0. Commands for server moderators >ban [users...] Ban discord users, get a confirmation dialog for guild members See the status of any given minecraft server. Information. See bot related information >info . Get some basic information about the.

Start minecraft server via discord bot. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets Commands arrow / ar adventure / ad multiple / multi vote advert/adv arrow / ar awake a stand with arrows adventure / ad This is the first command you will need to do, it's use to log into the database,by doing it you gain some arrows and some coins multiple / multi awake multiple stand Commands Read More

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Minecraft Server Status. Get information about Minecraft servers quickly. Server address. Get server status. Bedrock server? Minecraft (Java) 1.7+, or servers with enable-query=true, are supported. Don't know a server? Test with one of these: Brawl Games::. Display a Minecraft server's player count. Configuration: Edit the IP and port of the server. Set a category for the channels. Enable or disable individual channels. Enable or disable debug mode. Language configuration. Bot Activity: Online players, max players, and is-online placeholders for the bot's activity status Martine comes with various features for you and your server, such as: Leveling. Increase your members engagement with an advanced leveling system, including many settings from exp, to channels/roles ignore, or roles rewards. Music. An in-depth music player with playlists management, song voting, DJ roles, automatic playback, and supporting many.

Chewey Bot - A New Era Of Bot. Chewey Bot is striving to change the face of Discord Bots and suit every need that could ever be needed from one platform. Currently Boasting a huge range of utilities and amazing game features this bot is sure to bring any Discord server to life. Support Server Add To Server MarksBot Documentation - Serving 386 servers. Saturday, May 15, 2021 | 2:13:51 PM. MarksBot is a Discord moderation and fun bot it has plenty of commands to keep you busy. If you need support you are welcome to join our Discord server you can also invite MarksBot to your server by clicking here - If you have suggestions you can DM the bot or. Diagnose any command or module in the bot to determine if there are any problems. List channels and users where commands are ignored. Ban a user and save their messages in chat. Ban members who sent messages matching the text, up to 100 messages vegeta897 / mc-status-bot.js Last active Apr 5, 2021 Simple Minecraft server status bot command with Discord.js -- add me on Discord! vegeta897#777 How to install the Bisect Panel Bot on your MC/Discord server: NOTE: This feature is still in BETA and may have bugs. 1. Enable developer mod on Discord by clicking the Setting Icon then Appearance. 2. Under Advanced, enable Developer Mode. 3. Click the button below to add the bot to your server

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Discord Pfp Minecraft Novocom Top - Minecraft server status bot is a discord bot which gives you status of your minecraft server. Original Resolution: 128x128 px 47 Minecraft Avatars Discord Avatars - Minimal mode for hiding all the clutter In this video, you'll learn how to create a discord bot that can monitor your minecraft server. This is really useful for monitoring your gaming discord serv.. Fluxpoint Development website for many projects, such as Discord bots, Windows apps and API stuff Link your Minecraft account with the bot and your skin will show up next to your !!clear command. Ping Minecraft servers and see if Mojang's end is fully functional. Get player skins and mini versions of your minecraft skin; Subscribe to your favorite Youtubers, Twitter accounts and Forum feeds. Quickly let your faction know you are being. Discord to MC Staff Plugin. 2019-05-27. Manage your Minecraft server directly from your Discord server! Spigot. With this plugin you will be able to Freeze, Ban, Unban, Message and get info of specific players directly from your Discord server. Message: (Usage: /msg <player> <message>) With support of MC color codes

The way you do commands is weird, I've never seen it done like this, there is a lot more you can do with commands. Such as: discord command purge < number >: aliases: clear description: < STAFF > Remove a load of messages usage: purge < number > prefixes: !, %mention tag of event-bot% roles: Moderator bots: bot executable in: guild. MC ¶. This command is the main command of this module: the one that allows to search the information in the database, or to get those from a Minecraft server. To ask the bot to send the status of a server and to refresh this message regularly, use the add subcommand followed by the server ip. The bot will then try to edit the last message.

Our bot is designed to be user friendly. Our powerful commands are simple to use and offer a variety of unique features. If you have any questions feel free to join our support server linked above! [hypixel bot, discord bot hypixel, hypixel, minecraft, minecraft discord bot, hypixel stats, hypixel statistics , hypixel bot for stats, statsify Control up to 5 game servers with one Game Server Discord Bot. Send RCON commands to the game server from Discord chat. Relay chat between the game server and Discord. (ARK and DNL only) Provide users in your channel with an easy one click game server join link. Provide users in your channel with the connection details to the game server

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Advanced Discord Logger is a very powerful Event Logging tool for Single Server owners. This system will allow owners to host a Discord Bot on their Spigot/Paper Server and perform certain actions like Sending/Receiving messages. In order to keep the load as low as possible, all the processes are Async. NOTE: This system is still very new and in Heavy Development Soy Kaede, tu fiel amiga Bot que te ayudará a hacer tu servidor más divertido y seguro. ♥ (English available) Mizar I'm a free, multipurpose Discord bot that provides everything needed to run your server, with over 90 customisable commands Thank you for watching my video it would mean a lot for me if you can Like and Subscribe to my channel! My Discord Links are going to be further down in the. All status changes can be reported to your Discord server. You can choose these settings per game server: Game server status reporting (on, off, update schedule, restart scheduled etc.) Player status reporting (online, offline, new) Two-way chat (Discord <-> in-game chat) The bot listens to all your Discord channel for commands Become a Discord labs partner today by joining our Discord server & opening a ticket. Join Our Discord. Ear Tensifier. The only discord music bot you will ever need. Play any song from Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Twitch, and more. Quacky Bot. Quacky is an advanced utility bot that increases automation in your server. Commands range from.

RockBot - Discord BotsHypixel&#39;O&#39;Meter | A new Hypixel stats bot | HypixelMelody Bot | Discord BotsGoatBot | Bots For Discord

Then you need a bot for your Garrys Mod/ Unturned /Minecraft/ Rust server!? The bot uses server API from sites like: Minecraft-mp.com. Unturned-servers.net. GMod-servers.com. Rust-servers.net. But the bot also supports direct connection by IP! /gmsetup. Features. It can connect multiple servers for each Discord server! The bot also features a. The bot should then confirm the code you provided is correct, so rejoin the KoopaCraft Minecraft server again, and you're good to start playing! It's as easy as that. You're then given the @KoopaCraft Players role on the Discord server so you can be notified of server announcements, etc A Minecraft bot for Discord with lots of commands such as player skins, name history, mojang status, server ping, quiz Discord Bot Hosting. In Minecraft, the command block is special blocks that allow commands to run, by default when a... OP a player Once you've gotten your new Minecraft server, unless you get a permissions plugin, you'll need to... Knowledgebase - Minecraft. Service status. If you're experiencing an issue, check our status page. Status Page

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