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Max and Liesels relationship was a very key component to the book. They had impacted each others lives in so many positive ways making them closer friends every single day. This book would not have been the same without these 2 characters meeting Relationship Between Max And Liesel. Submitted By. Words 195. Pages 1. - Involved: Liesel, Hans, Rosa, Max. - Description: Out of debt for Max's father, Hans Hubermann invited the Jew, Max, to live with him and his family. While Max spends years locked up in the basement, the whole family must not let the secret out that they are housing a. Although Liesel is nervous meeting Max at first, they quickly become good friends. They share nightmares as their first discussion together. Max has left his family and Liesel has lost her brother. Sharing their misfortunes the two become connected through sharing their souls and the printed word

The relationship between Liesel and Max changed and developed throughout the course of The Book Thief. Originally, when Liesel and Max first met, they were quite apprehensive towards one another. Max came to the Hubermann's and at first Liesel was kept away from Max, whic Liesel and Max The friendship that develops between Liesel and Max is touching, heart-wrenching, and extremely powerful. Perhaps the reason that these two characters gravitate towards each other is because of their incredible similarities. Lets discuss how Liesel and Max's experiences are really not all that different In a related way, throughout the novel, both Max and Liesel develop as characters through the themes of power and powerlessness. Liesel feels powerless in her situation, and ultimately words and.. Max and Liesel, even though they seem quite different, can relate to each other in many ways. They both admire Hans and love his accordion, and both experience nightmares about what they've gone..

Liesel giggled as Max groaned, heaving himself off the sofa to dispose of it properly. As he rinsed his hands off, Liesel knew that this was the moment to move. She got off the sofa and stopped him as he was coming back to the living room. Her eyes met his and the lighthearted moment turned serious Summary. On Christmas Eve, Liesel builds a snowman in the basement for Max. Shortly afterwards, Max gets very sick and falls into a coma. Death comes to Himmel Street and visits Max but doesn't take his soul. Liesel begins bringing him presents from the outside world, such as a pinecone, a feather, and a candy wrapper Describe The Relationship Between Max And Liesel. Pages: 2 (290 words) Published: January 31, 2016. In this section Max and Liesel continue to grow closer. Max is still in hiding and staying in the Hubermann's basement. Leisel feels bad for Max and the fact that he is stuck in the basement, never able to come out of hiding

3 quotes that show Liesel's and Max's relationship. They hugged and cried and fell on the floor. (Chapter 87) I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. (Page 528) She walked down the basement steps. She saw an imaginary framed photo seep into the wall - a quiet-smiled secret The book Max wrote Liesel is extremely special, and symbolizes their tight bond and relationship. These are lines from, The Standover Man, Max's loving gift to Liesel on his birthday. When death captures me, the boy vowed, he will feel my fist in his face. This quote symbolizes Max's strong and determined character When I read the book it never occurred to me that she would marry Max, and was rather surprised when others said they thought so. I saw Max as an older brother figure to her -- and he was significantly older than her. He was the son of a friend of Hans's, and Hans was old enough to be Liesel's grandfather. reply | flag Max and Liesel's relationship develops and deepens in this chapter. Liesel is motivated to communicate with Max because of their mutual love for books and words. Later, their nightmares bring them together. The crossword puzzles illustrate how words serve as one of Max's distractions and how Max is a master of words He follows Liesel throughout her time in Nazi Germany and even starts to root for her. He has a shadow relationship with Liesel. While Liesel is aware of the ever present death in the world she lives in she is not fully aware of the physical manifestation that so often follows her around. Show full text

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  1. Words and stories are the foundation for Liesel's relationships with Max and Hans. Ilsa Hermann's library facilitates a strong, if tumultuous, connection between Liesel and Ilsa. Strangely, words also connect Liesel to Frau Holtzapfel, the neighbor who spits on the Hubermann's front door. After Liesel reads in the bomb shelter, Frau.
  2. What does it reveal about the relationship between Max and Liesel? What is ironic about the paper on which Max writes the book? The book was very dark and scary. it revealed that he always had someone ruling him, and watching his every move. It also said how the Huberman's were saving his life. It revealed his personality and how he cherishes.
  3. Similarly, who does Liesel marry? Answer and Explanation: Although some readers have speculated that Liesel marrying Max is implied by the events of the book, Zusak has stated this is not the case. Liesel meets Max years later when everyone else they knew is dead, however, and they maintain a special connection their whole life
  4. Interesting. When reading the book, I only felt as if Max and Liesel were good friends. I guess it could be possible, but to me it was always Rudy/Liesel. Their relationship was so sad and tragic and even though in the book it said that Liesel ended up married, I can only see the two of them together
  5. g closer to the mayors wife and understanding her, and Ilsa always understanding Liesels passion for books. Quotes
  6. Here, Death tells what has become of Liesel so many years after the story of her life on Himmel Street and that she, too, is now dead. Death tells us, though, that her soul was very much like her Papa's, how it rose up to meet him. This is another indicator of how connected Liesel and her Papa were and continue to be even after his death

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  1. I agree, but i think it is important to point out the unusual relationship Max and Liesel have. Both Max and Liesel are people of few words, and their whole relationship is based on each other's similar personalities, past, and depends on each others unspoken understanding and trust for the other. Reply Delete. Replies
  2. Liesel and Max's relationship was defined by many things, books being one of them. Without Mien Kemp, Max would have never made it to Molching alive, and Leisel would have never had the courage to talk to him. Another book that defined they're relationship was 'The Standover Man'. A book that Max had wrote for Leisel twelfth birthday, ripped.
  3. Max and Liesel's relationship has grown a lot more during this part of the book. Max asks Liesel to cut his hair toward the beginning and they also begin to talk about how they are so similar. They talk about their nightmares and begin to hang out more. They sit in the basement and read books and do crosswords in silence
  4. In The Book Thief, the alphabet lessons of Liesel from Hans Hubermann, the reading of stories by Liesel to Max, and the reading of stories by Liesel to her neighbours in the shelter, are all examples of the power of words bonding characters and conveying Zusak's belief in the importance of familial bonds and relationships. It is the symbolic.
  5. Liesel warms up slowly, but eventually accepts Max's presence. This acceptance is assisted by her reading lessons in the basement - along with Liesel's questions about Mein Kampf, their relationship already centers around books and words. Max joins the family just like Liesel did

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Max and Liesel are two similar but very different characters in The Book Thief. These two characters although conflicted find comfort in each other through seeing things in color and words, which gives Liesel a different view on varying prominent things in her life, in Germany. By better understanding how Max and Liesel compare and differ in. Character development was well done; Liesel's growing trust with her new parents and friendship with Max adds to her character and vice-versa: her parents' and Max's character grows due to their relationship with Liesel. The Book Thief does a great job with keeping the characters well-rounded, despite only having 131 minutes to.

I want to know how Max will continue to cope with the current conditions of living with the Hubermanns. I also can't wait to find out whether Max will remain safe and in hiding in the Hubermann's house or if things will change. I want to see if Liesel's relationship with Max will flourish or if she will never grow fond of him This quote shows that Liesel probably did like Rudy and that they have a close relationship. This picture reminded me of the short story that Max gives Liesel in his book. When I see this image I think of the end of the section when Rudy and Liesel steal a navy blue suit from his dad's shop

During the period of time that he hid in the Hubermann's home, Max and Liesel became friends. Although one was a Jewish fist fighter and one was a German book thief, Max and Liesel soon saw that they had things in common. Liesel, in the act of watching, was already noticing the similarities between this stranger and herself And the love that most amazed me was the relation between Max and Liesel. Liesel may have been educated to hate Jewish people at school, but towards Max she showed no sign of hatred, and a heart full of love. The friendly love between Max and Liesel was my favorite type of love in the novel because Liesel cares about Max, and worries about him too This causes Liesel to be miserable and lose a portion of the delights of her day to serve Max, which shows maturity and a newly developed desire to help those in need. This is seen when Liesel's mum Rosa notices how much time and effort she is dedicating to giving Max company and sympathetically requests Liesel to play a game of soccer yet. Death of Liesel's brother. Liesel lives a long life and lives in Sydney Australia. Hitler's party when Liesel steels her first book. The bombing of Himmel Street. Liesel runs away from people that discovered her amoung the rubble after the bombing. Max Vandenburg's arrival and departure on Himmel Street. Relationship Dismissing this, though, overall I hope it isn't Max. This is mainly due to the fact I always imagined their relationship to sibling-like, with them both loving each other like brother and sister. For example: When Liesel sees Max being marched to Dachau, Max kisses the palm of her hand

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  1. ger fell onto Max Vandenburg's bed, and the one time she pulled him onto hers. She saved him, all those years ago, in the Hubermann's basement. He had been ready to end it all at times, but then she'd go and do something so wonderful, like walk down the stairs with a snowman in her hands and an impish look on her face
  2. For the most part Hans and Liesel respect her authority. 6.How does Max fit into the Hubermann family? I think that Max is cared for as one of the family. Even though at the beginning the relationship between Max and the Hubermann's and Liesel is a little bit awkward, it slowly is beginning to grow
  3. Also Max and Liesel are best friend. At the end of the novel Death says A men walked open the door it was Max and Liesel was happy. Death page 550. It shows that Liesel is happy that max lived and it show that there best friends. That Han taught Liesel to read which in fact that main part of the book. Hans taught Liesel to read
  4. Their relationship is getting better and better through out the story/book. Rudy always wanted a kiss from Liesel. He kept asking several times for it but Liesel always rejected it. Until, he saves the Whistler from the Amper River. The Whistler was a book Liesel stole from the majors' house. When Rudy was in the Amper River saving the book.

The Sleeper - The Gamblers (A Seven-Sided Die) 1. What is the basis of the deep friendship that develops between Max and Liesel? Which part of their relationship is a product of circumstance, and what do they have in common otherwise? They both lost their families, they both have terrible nightmares, they both came there to be protected and loved by Hans, they both want to survive and are. How has Max impacted the life of the Huberman's? Do you think it was a positive impact? Do you think the friendship between Max and Liesel will continue to grow or deteriorate? Why? What was significant about Max writing a book for Liesel? How did he do it? Is Mama and Liesel's relationship growing? Does Mama show any changes Cause, Effects and Learner Profiles. There are many cause and effect relationships in The Book Thief. One such cause and effect relationship in The Book Thief is when Liesel's brother, Werner, suddenly died on the train and Liesel discovered The Gravedigger's Handbook on the ground while watching her brother waiting to be buried The relationship between Liesel and Max, especially, is reduced down to a few sweet moments, but in spite of the pair's chemistry onscreen, the friendship is extremely rushed and unearned - making it hard to understand the bond that the movie tells (but does not show) the audience exists between the two Zusak also spells out Max and Liesel's relationship in a way I don't really like: Where Hans Hubermann and Erik Vandenburg were ultimately united by music, Max and Liesel were held together by the quiet gathering of words. This just seems like the kind of analysis I wish Zusak would let the readers make instead of spelling it out

This is a fanvid of The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. The Book Thief was magically brought to life by 20th century Fox. I do not own any of the movie clips, al.. The Book Thief - Passage Analysis. 1. Simile 'The sky is blue today, Max, and there is a big long cloud, and it's stretched out like a rope. At the end of it, the sun is like a yellow hole' Page 247. In this passage Liesel is describing the weather outside to Max. The use of the simile helps Liesel describe the world outside to him Max and Liesels friendship takes height when Max gifts Liesel a story created by him called The Standover Man. The story portrays the image of a weak Jew finding hope in a small girl, the story of Max and Liesel. Now I live in the basement. Bad dreams still live in my sleep. One Night, after my usual nightmare, a shadow stood above me This starts the complicated relationship between Liesel and Ilsa Hermann. Nov 3, 1940. Max leaves for Munich On this day, Max Vandenburg leaves for Molching, seeking saftety from the Hubermanns. During WWI, Max's father saved Hans's life and so he promised to help the family in what ever way he could, giving Max's mother his address and name.

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Liesel's foster father and husband of Rosa, Hans is a former German soldier during the First World War, accordion player, and painter. He develops a close and loving relationship with Liesel and becomes the main source of strength and support for her. He, like Liesel, doesn't have much experience with reading Max Vandenburger is a character from the novel/movie, The Book Thief. Max is described as having swampy brown eyes, hair like twigs when unwashed, and hair like feathers when washed. He is around twenty-four years old. Max's father, Erik Vandenburg, is said to have fought in WWI with Hans Hubermann. They were friends, and Erik taught him the accordion and saved his life by making him stay.

The Book Thief by Mark Zusak showcases a friendship of two people named Rudy and Liesel along with how their friendship had matured over the course of time and how it will continue to evolve. Although in this story the friendship is more of Rudy in love with Liesel, but Liesel was also filled with a brotherly love Hans and Liesel's Relationship. Liesel had connections with many people throughout The Book Thief, but I felt the strongest connection was to Hans Huberman, also known as her papa. He was the one who she knew was there for him when she first arrived to her foster home on Himmel Street. For instance, during Liesel's nightmares about her brother. Liesel's words hit the mayor's wife hard because of her fragile state. She cared for Liesel and wanted to give her the book she was reading. Liesel's evil words were both hurtful and surprising to Ilsa Hermann. This quote also shows how a lovely, developing relationship can turn ugly due to status, beliefs, and nationality

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Max and Liesel? Obviously, there's a big age difference here—ten or eleven years. Still, some readers find their relationship romantic. Some wonder if they get married after their reunion in 1945. What do you think The Book Thief Quotes. *And quite a lot of thievery (Death, Death and Chocolate, p. 5) This is the basic outline of the story as given to the reader by Death. Death is the narrator of the book and the book is seen entirely from the perspective of Death. He is telling us here the book is about Liesel, her books, Hans, Erik and their shared. The relationship between Liesel and Max demonstrates true friendship whilst in hardship. Furthermore, Liesel and Max bond in an incredible fashion while being extremely different personalities and under a great deal of stress. Max gave Liesel a handmade book as a belated birthday gift, which Liesel was very pleased with as she loves books The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between 5k running performance and a number of physiological variables in a group of 11 trained club runners (Age 21.451.63yrs, Height 175.092.77cm, Weight 67.865.12kg). The athletes underwent a laboratory treadmill test to determine their maximum oxygen uptake (VO2 max) and running. Liesel is known to have complicated relationships with her foster parents. Liesel usually finds Hans, her foster father, to be quiet and uncomplicated. He enjoys reading with Liesel and will usually do simple activities with her that she finds fun. Rosa, on the other hand, is usually very aggressive

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Original Characters. Liesel Meminger. Hans Hubermann. Rosa Hubermann. Survivor Guilt. Hurt/Comfort. Angst. Summary. When Max Vandenburg first arrives at thirty-three Himmel Street, Lina--Hans and Rosa's youngest biological daughter--is unsure what to make of him, regarding him with a mixture of fear and guilt Kami_Export_-__Book_Thief_Essay.pdf - Dara 1 Sragvi Dara Studer English I Honors 4 September 2020 Book Thief Essay \u201cIt\u2019s harder to find a Jew in th

Relationships In The Book Thief. self. Losing these relationships could mean creating a more independent version of yourself or losing yourself altogether. In The Book Thief character development links with the creation and development of a relationship, especially with Liesel, Rudy and Max Max is only twenty-two years old when he enters the story as the struggler (Chapters 23, 26, 28).At first his age is a bit surprising, because he almost seems like an old man. Later we learn that when he was Liesel and Rudy's age, he was the Jewish fist fighter (Chapter 31) Book Thief Post #2 - Liesel & Max. Compare and contrast the lives of Liesel & Max. Liesel is a nine almost ten year old German girl. Max Vandenberg is a twenty-two year old Jewish man. They both lived in the time period where the Nazi regime ruled Germany. According to Hitler, only one of them was considered a person I can completely relate to the way max and Liesel feel. I relate because I used to blame myself. For my fathers accident. On Valentines day of 1999. From the accident he had lost his legs within a six year time period. Just think about it, its been 11 years ago. I relate and understand the feelings of Max and Liesel. For this reason

Liesel and Max become close friends, and Max writes Liesel two stories about their friendship, both of which are reproduced in the novel. Liesel and the mayor's wife also have a complicated relationship. Eventually, the mayor's wife leaves her a plate of cookies, and Liesel later returns the plate to the doorstep. Afterwards, he Liesel realizes this and that is why they have a strong, unbreakable relationship. She even risked herself to walk in a marching parade of Jews to see him. Even with the support and relationships he's gotten from the Hubberman's, Max still feels defenseless and not worth the support he is receiving Max and Liesel develop a friendship in the basement. Their friendship is shown through a thirteen page book The Stand over Man and The Word Shaker which describes Max's life, his journey of loss. A gift for Liesel, The Word Shaker is a story created by Max about their friendship and how they can overcome all, including Hitler and his plans for Germany. To unlock this lesson you must be a. 'Yes, Liesel, it's me,' and he held the girl's hand in his face and cried onto her fingers. He cried as the soldiers came and a small collection of insolent Jews stood and watched. So, that's the colored version of my Max-Liesel-Fanart. I scanned Max's The Standover Man and made a collage to put it into the background of the fanart

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As Liesel's foster father Hans develops a relationship with her, healing and growth are a direct result. This pattern is reflected in the relational dynamic between the Hubermanns and Max. In the midst of governmental policies that reflect on who is worthy of love and acceptance, the Hubermanns' relationship with Max defies the Nazi regime Max and her relationship is a beautiful thing. I actually like Liesel's relationships with other characters more than I like her. I adore when she tells Hans His name was Werner (Zusak 87) because it really shows how much she has come to trust Hans

3. What are some of Liesel's sights, sounds, and thoughts on the night Max comes? 184-5 4. What can you compare the relationship between Walter and Max to? 190-194 5. On page 193, Walter says, chaos is what we need. Why? When is chaos needed? 6. The idea Liesel unknowingly gave to Hans is revealed on page 195. What was his plan? 7 This will be a collection of fluff relationship stories, as well as more sexual/smut related ones as well. The sexual scenes will not be graphic at all, and mostly, it'll just be sexual tension. I love Max very much, and admire Liesel as well, so I hope these stories give some closure to their endings and some justice to the ship itself

This quote shows the relationships and past between the Hubermann's and the Vandenburgs. It demonstrates how Hans and Erik were alike in their love for music and that they were in the war and that Liesel and Max are brought together by their love for books being the grouping of words. This quote shows that even though Max is a grown man, he. Why does Liesel continue to give Max's weather reports unto herself? thoughts and response. There is a lot going on in this chapter i found out in section eight why the men were there for Rudy. They wanted to take him to a special school that is training elite German citizens, but his mom wouldnt let them take him and in return his dad was sent.

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I love Liesel at times but when she refuses to kiss Rudy is when I stop adoring her. Like Rudy, she is innocent and lovable but also cunning and intelligent. She is an amazing example of children living during the Holocaust. I also love her relationship with Hans and even Rosa. Max and her relationship is a beautiful thing Max even gave Liesel a book to thank her for spending time with him even though he was a 'dirty Jew'. Later on in the book, Hans showed another act of kindnesshowever this one was met with cruelty and anger soon after. Hans is a kind man, a fellow friend to many Jews The Book Thief also looks beyond Liesel's friendships, from the debt that Hans Hubermann owes Max's father Erik Vandenburg, to the once-rivalry between Max and former fist-fighter Walter. Fairness & Tolerance: Both books feature friends of different ages, genders, religions, or ethnic backgrounds

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18. How do you feel about the relationship between Max and Liesel? 19. This book continuously alternates between great sorrows and small joys. As an example, Max is forced to hide in Liesel's basement, but Liesel builds him a snowman inside. What are other examples of the ups and downs of The Book Thief? Do you think Zusak had a purpose in. Liesel relationship with Max as depicted through the Dream Carrier shows how Liesel takes advantages from her friends to overcome the struggles she faces in life. In her relationship with Max, Liesel steals more books, and the only thing she can give Max is by reading them loudly (Zusak 140)

The Book Thief follows the story of a young German girl, Liesel Meminger, and her struggle to survive during World War II. Liesel faces the atrocities of war when her brother dies and her mother abandons her to the care of foster parents. These atrocities rattle the foundation of her developing identity, destroying her personal narrative Hans carried Liesel home just in time for Liesel to give her family the news of what was about to happen. Just then, there was a knock on the door. The soldier walked in and checked the basement. During this part in the book I was so worried. It was almost a love, hate relationship with the words of the book at that point Max & Liesel are still struggling with what happened to each of them. Max can't forget his time in Dachau or Auschwitz, or how his entire family died. And Liesel is haunted by the destruction of Himmel Street. Include Relationships Liesel Meminger/Max Vandenburg (28) Liesel Meminger & Max Vandenburg (11) Liesel Meminger/Rudy Steiner (3 Liesel Meminger is a hardworking, book-thieving, kind hearted girl that has blonde hair, blue eyes, and an engrossing life story. During Liesel's engaging tale, from The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak, she has encounters with an abundance of characters, such as Hans Hubermann, Ilsa Hermann, and Max Vandenburg

After Alex and Hans leave for duty, Rudy and Liesel go to the next parade of Jews and scatter bread in the streets. Rosa gives Liesel a book that Max made for her called The Word Shaker. It is the story of Max and Liesel's friendship, and promises they will be reunited some day During the book Liesel is known as a book stealer. She steals books from people and topographic points. The larceny of these books helps her build relationships with others and saves her life in the terminal. In The Book Thief, Mark Zusak uses the symbol of books to demo Ilsa Hermann, Max, and Liesel 's relationship with others The accordion is a symbol for many things in Liesel's life. First, it is symbolic of her relationship with Hans and the happiness it brings when he plays the accordion to her. The accordion also signifies hope and comfort to Liesel, especially during the bombing 3. Why did Max wait so long to reveal his illness to the family? 4. Why did Liesel blame herself for bringing snow into the basement in order to build the snowman? 5. What did Liesel hope to accomplish by bringing presents to the unconscious Max? 6. Why did Rosa Hubermann make an unplanned visit to Liesel's school? 7

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Max Vandenburg Timeline and Summary Fairly quickly, he develops a close friendship with Liesel. When Hans publically shows his sympathy for Jewish people, Max is forced to leave Himmel Street, because Hans is afraid the Nazis will search his house The relationship between Max and Liesel also formed on the basis of power of words and by developing their relationship Zusak showed how the power of words can overcome many things as Max who was a Jew created a strong bond with Liesel who was German. Despite the conditions in Nazi Germany and Hitler's dictatorship these two characters still. Max, not wanting the Hubermanns and Liesel to risk themselves further, left the house during one night, leaving just a small message saying You've done enough. I have always marveled at how Max could survive in the basement with little company, knowing that if discovered, his life would be taken

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Liesel helps the reader to understand the idea that we can counter loss and hatred with the power of words and acts of compassion through her relationship with Max, a Jew hidden by Han's Hubermann in his basement Liesel shapes a quick companionship with Max. Amid this time, Liesel likewise shapes a confounded nearly companionship with the chairman's better half, Ilsa Hermann. Ilsa saw Liesel take The Shoulder Shrug. She likewise pays Rosa to do her clothing. At the point when Liesel goes to her home on clothing visits, she welcomes Liesel into the. explain how Max manages to catch glimpses, both real and imagined, of what life is like on the outside during his confinement. Essay Topic 4 While he is living in the basement, Max writes two books for Liesel. Describe each of the books in detail. Then, explain what message you think Max intended Liesel to take away from the books

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After the war in 1945, Liesel works in the tailor shop owned by Rudy's father when Max comes, and they enjoy an emotional reunion. Many years later, which Death refers to as just yesterday, Liesel dies as an old woman in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia, among her family and many friends 52. To what does Liesel liken Max's freshly-washed hair? 216 53. What do Max and Liesel share that brings a small breakthrough in their relationship? 220 54. What does Liesel give Max on her birthday? How does this affect him? 222 55. On what does Max compose his story, The Standover Man?223 56

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Retrieved 1 November I still want to believe that it's Max. Liesel does get married but the man' s identity is not mentioned. Liesel and Rudy become members of the Hitler Youth movement! He develops a close and loving relationship with Liesel, and becomes a main source of strength and support for her throughout the novel How does Hans gain Liesel's love and trust? Debate whether Liesel is a substitute for Hans's children, who have strayed from the family. Why is it so diffi cult for Rosa to demonstrate the same warmth toward Liesel? Discuss how Liesel's relationship with Rosa changes by the end of the novel. 5. Abandonment is a central theme in the novel