Kafka kubernetes GitHub

GitHub Actions Tutorial - Basic Concepts and CI/CD Pipeline with Docker

Run Kafka Cluster in Kubernetes

  1. Introduction to Strimzi: Apache Kafka on Kubernetes - Jakub Scholz & Paolo Patierno, Red Hat
  2. Free Kafka Strimzi Cluster with Strimzi Kafka Bridge Setup In 1 Minute with REST endpoints
  3. Overview of GitHub Actions for Kubernetes
  4. Level-up Your DevOps with GitHub Actions and Kubernetes
  5. Kelsey, Kubernetes, and GitOps - GitHub Universe 2020
  6. Kafka Cluster Setup Introduction

Apache Kafka in 5 minutes

  1. What is Kafka Connect?
  2. Deploying Self-hosted Runners for GitHub Actions
  3. Introduction to GitHub Actions : my website build & deployment
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